April 2019 Favorites

April 2019 FavoritesApril 2019 Favorites
MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
, $22 / L’Oreal Blow Dry It Thermal Smoother Cream, $6 /
Clarins Glow Booster, $32 / Benefit Gimme Brow+, $24

I’m so, so happy that it is consistently not-cold. My windows have been open. I have been outside. I’m eschewing jackets. It is wonderful! April was a fairly minimal beauty month for me, but details on my April 2019 Favorites are after the jump.

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Melanoma Monday – Skin Cancer & Melanoma Awareness

This legacy post has been given a facelift but content remains the same. I will be a broken record on this topic until forever and a day.

Melanoma Awareness Ribbon - Melanoma Monday

I’ve talked about my pursuit of a good facial sunscreen before (I’m liking it, btw!) and have mentioned here and there that my Mom received a (super early) Melanoma diagnosis.

Given today, specifically, is Melanoma Monday (first Monday in May), designated by the American Academy of Dermatology, I’m sharing my mom’s melanoma story to help raise awareness.

– – –


Growing up in the 70s and early 80s, few people gave a damn about sunscreen and fewer people made their children wear it. Kids played outside not only more frequently than they do now, but more often (which, in itself, is not a bad thing). During her youth, she managed to get some fairly intense sunburns – to the point of agonizing sun poisoning. I even recall her telling a story about using baby oil while tanning; she burned, of course, and learned her lesson about that much, but still didn’t really employ sunscreen. As an adult, her skin would still burn when we’d spend any considerable amount of time outside, but I recall her being red for just a day or two, then peeling and having a decent tan. She thought, “Eh, no big deal. I’ve had worse.”

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What I NEVER Buy at Sephora

Please enjoy this post from the archives – it’s still definitely accurate today!

What I NEVER buy at SephoraI’m generally comfortable with investing in quality products, and there are some things I am glad to splurge on. In spite of just locking in VIB for another year, though, there are some things I NEVER buy at Sephora. This is just a list of things I won’t buy for myself; I may buy them as gifts if I know the recipient would love it. This is also not a list intended to criticize people’s shopping choices (except maybe the Louboutin nail polish), just to point out what I choose not to buy.

Manicure Products

Sephora just isn’t the place to go for manicure offerings. I know some people love Deborah Lippmann, but I just haven’t been ensorceled by her products. I’ve shared my thoughts on freaking Louboutin making lacquer, on not liking FormulaX, and how unbelievably ridiculous Nails Inc is with their NAILKALE. If I’m shelling out $15-30 dollars on polish, you can bet it’s going to be UV/LED cured and a massive, pro-sized bottle, at that.

There are more brands, but the best bang for your buck when it comes to manicure supplies is simply NOT there at Sephora.


Although my favorite mascara to date is prestige, I never buy at Sephora and pay prestige prices for mascara. This drugstore option gets me results nearly the same – and for the $12/tube savings, I’m fine with a potential and slight drop in quality.

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Clarins Glow Booster

Clarins Glow Boost

I haven’t been thrilled with my facial sunless tanning situation for years. Then, I came across sunless tanning serums and decided to give the highly-rated Clarins Glow Booster a shot. Boy, am I glad I did!

What I was Doing

For a while, I was just using what I use on my body, cut with a moisturizer or argan oil. Then, I’d apply with a black beautyblender or even a cast-aside buffing brush.

The results were OK; it didn’t look unsightly, but I didn’t like the heaviness of the lotion on my face. I never have!

Clarins Glow Booster

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Revised Opinion: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, $12

Several years ago, I was sent Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs to try courtesy Influenster.

I hated it.

Fast forward to now, I have entirely reversed my stance. *record screech* Yeah. That’s right. I completely reversed my opinion. I love this stuff, now…with the right shade and some usage modifications, that is.

First Problem with my Previous Foray with Airbrush Legs

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July 2018 Favorites

July 2018 Favorites
July 2018 Favorites 1. Mountain Rose Herbs Argan Oil $27 / 2. Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50, $12 / 3. Clarins Glow Booster, $32 / 4. Perricone MD No Eyeshadow Eyeshadow, $35
Thanks for bearing with me for a late Favorites post! What a month. At the end of June, I became a homeowner. July was a whirlwind of work on the property which culminated in the move. August has been a mess of trying to solicit order from the chaos that is a sea of boxes. I didn’t have much time to spend on fun new beauty stuff, but because we didn’t take any time off (yes!) for this endeavor, I relied on a small cache of faithfuls to get me through. See what made the cut for my July 2018 Favorites after the jump.

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