What I NEVER Buy at Sephora

Please enjoy this post from the archives – it’s still definitely accurate today!

What I NEVER buy at SephoraI’m generally comfortable with investing in quality products, and there are some things I am glad to splurge on. In spite of just locking in VIB for another year, though, there are some things I NEVER buy at Sephora. This is just a list of things I won’t buy for myself; I may buy them as gifts if I know the recipient would love it. This is also not a list intended to criticize people’s shopping choices (except maybe the Louboutin nail polish), just to point out what I choose not to buy.

Manicure Products

Sephora just isn’t the place to go for manicure offerings. I know some people love Deborah Lippmann, but I just haven’t been ensorceled by her products. I’ve shared my thoughts on freaking Louboutin making lacquer, on not liking FormulaX, and how unbelievably ridiculous Nails Inc is with their NAILKALE. If I’m shelling out $15-30 dollars on polish, you can bet it’s going to be UV/LED cured and a massive, pro-sized bottle, at that.

There are more brands, but the best bang for your buck when it comes to manicure supplies is simply NOT there at Sephora.


Although my favorite mascara to date is prestige, I never buy at Sephora and pay prestige prices for mascara. This drugstore option gets me results nearly the same – and for the $12/tube savings, I’m fine with a potential and slight drop in quality.

Lip Balm

I have yet to discover a lip balm so majestic that I need to shell out for it! Every now and then I consider buying the Agave Lip Nectar from BITE, but I’m just not sure I can justify that. And yes – I’ve tried Fresh Sugar lip balm…and I didn’t love it.

Makeup Wipes

I’m not using makeup wipes at this time, but I can’t see shelling out for wipes from Sephora. Maybe Ole Henriksen’s The Truth Vitamin C cleansing clothsmaybe. But only during a VIB sale, and I didn’t bite this year.

Ginormous Fragrance Sets

But really, how fast will you go through all that product? Think about how long it takes you to go through 1 oz of fragrance.

If you do enjoy wearing a lot of fragrance, the sets are the way to go in terms of value. For me, I use fragrance sparingly due to both my husband and I being headache-prone when it comes to scents.

I do buy fragrance there, but usually not gigantic bottles or sets. I love rollerballs the best!


St Tropez didn’t agree with me, unfortunately. Though I really enjoyed my sample of Vita Liberata, its a bit rich for my blood. These are items I never buy at Sephora – I’d consider it if it were in the oft-wiped-out sale section, but that’s it.

What do you never buy at Sephora?

Based on my needs and habits, the value just isn’t there for me in the products and/or categories I mentioned. What do you skip at Sephora?

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