Worth it? Nails Inc NAILKALE

At this point, I’m more or less uninterested in buying any nail polish from Sephora. I wasn’t thrilled with the highly-touted Formula X line, and you’ll never see a bottle of Louboutin lacquer in my collection (which I have, you know, to use – not to look at longingly).

nailkaleNAILKALE by Nails Inc.

My good friend, we’ll call her K, who also approaches nonsense with a healthy dose of skepticism pointed out a newer (though not new-new) brand carried at Sephora: NAILKALE.

Hey girl, is your self-loathing not high enough to be satisfied with the mere consumption of Kale? Fret not. Nails, Inc. got you, girl. Get some kale up in your manicure. It says,

A limited-edition nail polish that’s infused with kale extract, known for its high levels of Vitamins A, C, and K, which stimulates advanced keratin production—hydrating and nourishing nails.

A nail polish is not going to stimulate keratin production. Absolutely not. How the hell do you think a nail grows? Nails Inc/Nailkale, stop trying to prey on consumers. Something you paint onto the hardened surface of your nails cannot magically shimmy down under your cuticles to the nail matrix.

Nail Anatomy

Something you place, superficially, onto the already-grown-out nail plate is not going to go, “Hey nail matrix, when you’re generating more cells that will ultimately become nail, do me a solid (rimshot) and make more strengthening/moisturizing keratin, please!”

That’s not how that works, period.

NAILKALE is a ridiculous gimmick that is not worth $14. Unless they have a badass unique color that you really want (but they probably don’t), steer clear. We really need more companies to rely on the efficacy of their product, not outlandish nonsense about kale being in their polish.