Worth it? Nails Inc NAILKALE

At this point, I’m more or less uninterested in buying any nail polish from Sephora. I wasn’t thrilled with the highly-touted Formula X line, and you’ll never see a bottle of Louboutin lacquer in my collection (which I have, you know, to use – not to look at longingly).

nailkaleNAILKALE by Nails Inc.

My good friend, we’ll call her K, who also approaches nonsense with a healthy dose of skepticism pointed out a newer (though not new-new) brand carried at Sephora: NAILKALE.

Hey girl, is your self-loathing not high enough to be satisfied with the mere consumption of Kale? Fret not. Nails, Inc. got you, girl. Get some kale up in your manicure. It says,

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