Christian Louboutin Nail Polish

As you may imagine, as a beauty blogger I spend a lot of time on various beauty sites to check out what it new. On one of my recent trips down the makeup-on-the-internet rabbit hole, I came across this:

Louboutin Nail Polish – Rouge

This is nail polish. The bottle looks kind of neat (in fact, the cap reminds me of Julep’s Plie wand [that I have not tried]).

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish

Now, shoes aren’t my thing. I personally cannot see myself dropping that kind of cash on a single pair, not even if I had, “disposable,” income to do so. I’m not knocking the kicks to people who are into that. I like computers, technology, makeup, nails, and skincare. You don’t necessarily like those same things, and that’s cool.

If you’re seeking a review, let me tell you you aren’t getting one because the only way I would try this is if it were a PR freebie and even then I would hesitate because I can’t tell you all, “Oh yeah this $50 polish is totally great!” even if it was simply because there is no way it is good enough to justify that cost.

On Cost

That said, I think the fact that they are slapping their brand on a wee bottle (0.4 oz) of nail polish and selling it for $50 is sheer (okay, maybe opaque depending on which shade you pick) lunacy. For comparison, a bottle of OPI polish is 0.5 oz and costs about $8.50.

Unlike shoes, nails are my thing. If I’m dropping $50 on a single bottle of product it better be either a) a huge bottle that will not thicken and go bad with time and/or b) some kind of miracle product or c) a polish that literally changes at my whim to be whatever color I wish for at that moment. The Christian Louboutin polish fulfills none of those criteria. Seriously though, nail polish can only get so luxurious…and then you’re literally just paying for a name.

The Line

The Louboutin Nail Polish line features their classic red that is to mimic the red he slapped on the soles of some shoes a score ago, as well as a line of colors – to my chagrin, they are sold out except for two shades. Additionally, they have an extra-fancy bottle that features a felt-tip pen-style applicator intended for applying on the underside of your nails to get that legit Louboutin feel…you know, with your nails.


Reviews on indicate that some of the Louboutin nail polish colors are not true to the bottle, though most of them are opaque in one coat. One reviewer noted that the caps for some colors were cheap plastic and that she received a few that were actually smashed and sent out anyway (I assume they were packaged such that the damage would have occurred prior to shipping). Not something I would be thrilled about in a, “luxury,” product.

What do you think – is the Louboutin Nail Polish line yet another case of a luxury brand slapping their name on things for the fun of it? Would you spend $50 on a single bottle of nail polish?

2 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin Nail Polish”

  1. A nerdy bit of trivia for you: turns out CL crafted his first signature red-soled shoe using nailpolish!

    Personally I don’t feel you should have to sell your ‘sole’ (yep, I went there) for a pair of shoes, let alone nailpolish! Ill stick to my China Glaze.

    Totally not worth it… not a surprising opinion from one of the frugally minded however.

    And for the black-on-top-red-on-bottom manicure? It’s been done already, just check pinterest. The very first pin was a tutorial for exactly that! Funny huh?

    Love your posts :-P

    • I did know that, actually – wonder what brand they really used though.

      And yeah, China Glaze pretty much kills it with variety, formula, and affordability. Their Gelaze line rocks, too.

      Word – even if I wasn’t inclined to coupon when I can, etc. I just can’t swallow it!

      Yep – I actually used to paint the underside of my nails a contrasting color all the time in high school. Never Louboutin style, but still – not a new idea.

      Thanks for reading :P

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