Worth it? Guerlain Maxi-Lash

Like many semi-frequent shoppers of Ulta and Sephora, I have amassed a wee collection. It is kind of nice in that it enables me to try products I wouldn’t try as soon or, for that matter, at all, as well as preventing me from needing to decide what mascara I want to try next. Knowing I had a weekend away coming up, when it was time to reach for a new tube to try, I plucked Guerlain Maxi-Lash from my stash. The mascara claims to create volume and sculpt curls.

Also, apologies for low-quality images – it was a busy weekend.

Guerlain Maxi-Lash Sample TubeGuerlain Maxi-Lash sample tube

The sample tube (which I received from Sephora), which is just under three inches from end-to-end, is free of adornments unlike its full-sized sister. The full-sized tube is considerably more luxe-looking, and for $30 a tube? It better be.

Here’s the also-simple yet gilded full-sized Guerlain Maxi-Lash tube:

Guerlain Maxi-Lash Full Tube, photo from Sephora.com

Leery of what kind of applicator I’d be facing in such a teeny-tiny tube, I popped it open for the first time and was amazed to see a full-sized brush applicator on the sample Guerlain Maxi-Lash wand. I would argue that the brush housed within the packaging is in fact full-size; impressive considering it is crammed onto such a stubby wand and stuffed into such a tiny tube. I figured the sample wouldn’t last long, but I have been using it exclusively for nearly a month now (and it is only now reaching its end, product-wise).

Guerlain Maxi-Lash Sample Tube, opened.Guerlain Maxi-Lash sample tube, opened

Anyway, about the product itself. My first impression, removing the wand from the tube was, “What? Is this scented?” Lo and behold, this mascara is. I never thought I would encounter a scented mascara – and it isn’t just that the product happens to have a smell as a result of its components, nay; it is actually perfumed and smells of roses. If you’ve been reading for a while, you may know that I do not like rose-scented things, particularly in my skincare or makeup. I did not find the smell of Guerlain Maxi-Lash offensive, which surprised me. I was (and am still) surprised that they would bother to fragrance a mascara, though; it just seems like it is asking for eye-irritation problems. Luckily, I haven’t had problems with irritation.

I am not a fan of the brush – it isn’t to say it is not a quality brush; the bristles are plush and full. I happen to prefer the shorter, plastic bristles because I personally find them easier to work with. The wand does pick up a ton of product on its way out of the tube and I wound up having to dab excess off because I was getting globs of mascara everywhere.

Once I got that under control, I found that two coats did the trick for me for daytime wear but the formulation of Guerlain Maxi-Lash did make my lashes a little spidery-looking. It lasted fine – through my usual 10-hour minimum wear without flaking or getting weird on me. My lashes remained soft and had almost a fluffy quality for the duration.

Nine times out of ten, I curl my lashes before applying mascara. According to Guerlain Maxi-Lash’s claims about being a, “volume creating, curl sculpting,” mascara, one might think that it would hold such a curl in place all day. Unfortunately, I did not find this to be the case and I do not have what I would consider stubborn lashes. It volumizes as well as classic Great Lash from Maybelline.

Removal was not difficult, I was able to take it off easily with a Ponds wipe without scrubbing my eyes to hell and back. I was also able to remove it easily with argan oil.

I’m not into spending that much money on a single mascara given the lifespan of a mascara before we should toss them. Even if it were less-costly, though, let’s say at a drugstore price-point of $6-$10, I would not repurchase Guerlain Maxi-Lash. Here’s why:

  • Fragrance.
    Not offensive, but WHY would you add an irritant to a product worn so close to the eye?
  • Wand/Brush.
    Preference aside, it picks up too much product. Having to wipe excess is wasteful.
  • Coats Needed.
    Two full, separate coats for daytime wear? I strongly prefer one – quicker and uses less product.
  • Didn’t Hold Curl/Didn’t Volumize
    Despite claims, neither of these worked. And certainly not to the, “max.”

Even though I enjoyed how soft my lashes felt (never hard or crisp) and how long it wore well, that wasn’t enough to say I’d go for it even in a lower price point, so I definitely do not think it is worth it in a higher one. Have you tried Guerlain Maxi-Lash? How did it work out for you?