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Beauty Skeptic started in 2013 when I had enough of grandiose claims from products that promised the world and under-delivered…if they delivered at all, that is. I do not believe in miracle products.

My mission is to help shed some light on over-hyped nonsense that can’t possibly do what its manufacturer says and help you think critically about these things. Additionally, I want to show some love for things that earned it.

About the Author

STEM professional. Student. Blogger. This project started when I worked roughly 42-45 hours per week.

Over time, my career’s demands evolved and I got the bright idea to enroll in college, which I’m now also doing full-time. As a result of those demands, I’ve had to adjust my priorities.


I can be reached at beautyskeptic (at) gmail (dot) com for both reader and PR/Sponsorship inquiries.

Affiliate Link Disclosure

I sometimes use affiliate links in my blog posts which means I may receive a very small percentage on any products purchased through that link. As of 2022, I primarily leverage affiliate links from Amazon. Proceeds pay for the site’s hosting.

Legacy content includes affiliate links from other sources, but I am no longer actively engaged with any except for Amazon.

When I include affiliate links, I do aim to disclose that information via including the Affiliate Links category tag. Due to the nature of my blog, not all affiliate links will be to products that I have personally tested and found to be tried and true. My content and commentary should make that clear, but if it ever is not, please feel free to comment or send an email.


I currently have no sponsored content, but if I do, I will be sure to make it known up-front.

I do utilize Google ads, which are tailored to you based on your usage of Google products. It is highly important to me that those ads be non-obtrusive and not hinder your reading experience. Their configuration should NOT negatively impact your visits to this site – please do not hesitate to let me know if you experience any disruptive ads; user experience is extremely important to me.

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