Worth it? Formula X :: Update

My first impression of the Formula X System was not fantastic. Despite this, I resolved to give it another shot, and did. Last Saturday (January 3), I slapped the Formula X System and the color Obsessed on the nails of my left hand. A friend of mine had tried whichever red Formula X shade was included with the Sephora VIB Rouge gift this year and had warned me that it stained her nails a bit, so I didn’t want to commit both hands.

I used the whole Formula X system – cleanse, prime, two coats of color, topcoat and took my time. Like before, the polish dried swiftly, which would be nice if the formula is cooperative. Normally, with gel or regular nail polish, I can speed through it pretty decently – but the consistency of the color polish, even after gently rolling it in my hands five minutes prior to use (and then letting it “settle”), was still thick and awkward.

After only three days, this is what my nails look like. Obsessed shows up lighter than it is in flash, but look – sure, there’s a sheen but they aren’t mind-blowingly shiny like they would have you think. The color is uneven; with the flash you can see my “smile” lines and the streaks very evenly:


There is already noticeable tip wear despite capping the free edge. The corners of my thumb and ringfingers are noticeably chipped. I don’t use my nails as tools, I wear gloves when washing dishes, and this is my left hand – not my right, which I am far harder on considering it is my dominant hand.

Here’s a close up of my thumb. Ooh, that chip, tip wear, and smile line. Real nice for polish this damn expensive. Granted, you can’t see the smile line in regular lighting… but still, I’m really not impressed.

DSC_0111Formula X Obsessed – Chipped in only 3 Days

Disappointed, I removed it the following day – if it is already looking that rough after three days, it isn’t going to get much better. Fortunately, the Formula X polish removed easily with acetone. I didn’t have major staining but my nails did have a pink cast to them, which I don’t dig. I believe my friend only had the polish, not the whole system, though – I’m not sure what she used for a base coat and such. The Formula X system Shine Top Coat was very underwhelming; basically, Seche Vite would kick its arse in a cage fight. Or chess. Or…you know, being shiny and durable and awesome.

My initial opinion isn’t far off. For how much the Formula X polishes and their, “system,” costs, I expected far better. Perhaps it would behave better for someone who has more time (and more patience) to sit there and labor over ever single nail, but I don’t have that kind of time, nor do I want to spend that long painting my nails with regular polish…only to have them chip in 2-3 days.

The colors in the Formula X collection are amazing-looking (their holos collection looks awesome!) but given my experience? I’m definitely glad I got this free or else it would be returned. Unfortunately, the Formula X System is not worth it.