November 2018 Favorites

November 2018 Favorites
November 2018 Favorites
1. Eucerin Daily Moisturizer / 2. NARS Deep Throat / 3. Kirkland Signature Sparkling Water, $8 / 4. Kirkland Signature Ladies’ Trail Socks, $20

Shucks, I am behind the damn game. Thanks for bearing with me.

Ol’ Faithful

I’ve been using this body lotion for years, and its a recurring favorite. It’s my daily driver, and does a good job of keeping my skin moisturized even in the oppressive dry conditions we subject ourselves to in the winter. If I need a bit more, I either cocktail it with some argan oil, or I reach for CeraVe Moisturizing Cream.

Sparkle, Sparkle

Speaking of dry conditions, hey – water! My passion for exciting water is well-documented here (and here, here; you get it.) and known in real life. Sparkling may or may not hydrate as effectively, but if you’re a jackass and forget to drink enough (guilty), it can help to entice. So when Costco started peddling their own, I had to try. I actually like their grapefruit better than La Croix’s, and the price is way nicer! At $8 for 32 twelve-ounce cans, it’s $0.25 per can – or only $0.02 per ounce.

Practical, not Pretty

Socks? Not if I can help it. I hate having my feet confined! I also really hate being cold – so, we compromise! Especially since my house has mostly hard flooring throughout. I’d never owned wool socks until last year, when I picked up this 6-pack of wool ones from Costco. Are they cute? Eh. Are they warm? Hell yes. They’re nice for wearing around the house on chilly floors (even if it basically defies my religion to not be barefoot at home…) or with snowboots. Plus – as much as I hate socks, I will reluctantly admit that wearing them keeps a pedicure intact longer.

Cult Favorite for a Reason

Since I finally bought the bullet and purchased both Deep Throat and Orgasm ages ago, I’ve almost used no other blush I own. My opinion is nothing new; its been said by thousands of people, thousands of times – Orgasm is incredible and everyone should have it in their collection. Deep Throat is also fantastic (dear god, context…) and I reach for it more often, though I love them both.

What were your November 2018 Favorites?