Mountain Rose Herbs Argan Oil

For a few years now, I’ve been shelling out for Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil from Sephora. I’ve only ever purchased the 0.5 fl oz bottles – and that amount does last a decent period of time. That said, I can’t pretend I’m happy with the cost-per-ounce…and the rationing I require of myself as a result of that cost.

I started researching sources of reliable argan oil. After the Elma&Sana incident, I had no intention of buying some seedy, third-party Amazon seller special. Two sources of repute came up – Garden of Wisdom and Mountain Rose Herbs. Reviews skewed in favor of the latter, so that’s who I went with.


The Mountain Rose Herbs site is relatively low-frills, but comparatively far more modern than GoW’s. That much doesn’t matter to me; the important thing is that it is secure and easily navigable. Regrettably, they do not accept payment via PayPal, but they do accept all major cards and, interestingly enough, checks. I’m not sure who would be ordering things on the internet via check in 2017, but…hey.

In addition to what I came to find, Mountain Rose Herbs has a smorgasbord of herbs, spices, teas, aromatherapy items, and natural ingredients for your own natural DIY beauty adventures. I’m not in the market for those items at this time, so I didn’t do much exploring.

The Goods

Mountain Rose Herbs’ Argan Oil comes in four sizes; the smallest of which (4oz) is the most expensive at Sephora.

Mountain Rose Herbs Argan OilMountain Rose Herbs Argan Oil

4oz – $26.50
8oz – $46
16oz – $80
1 gal (128oz) – $544.00

This puts the smallest bottle at roughly $6.60 per ounce – which is quite easy to swallow in contrast with Josie Maran’s $24 per ounce for the same size bottle (or $34 per ounce for their 0.5 oz bottles).

Regrettably, Mountain Rose Herbs Argan Oil is not shipped with a dropper bottle. Fortunately, they do sell small amber glass bottles with droppers – or you can get some on Amazon. I bought a one ounce for my Argan.

Shipping is also, unfortunately, not cheap – but even with a $7.70 USPS shipping fee, it comes out still wildly less expensive than what I can get it for at Sephora or QVC. Shipping took about a week, but bearing in mind that this is a small business not a gigantic operation, I was fine with that.

Was it Elma&Sana All Over Again?

I approached testing the product with trepidation. I was worried to find that I just blew $34 on snake oil, frankly…but I wasn’t let down. As I decanted a quarter of my large bottle into my small dropper bottle, I dispensed a drop onto the back of my hand. It did not feel unlike what I was used to.

  • Consistency? Check.
  • Color? Check.
  • Absorbancy? Check.

Smell? This is one area in which it differs – Mountain Rose Herbs Argan Oil does have a vaguely nutty aroma. That does make sense, given that nature of the product. Josie Maran’s is odorless, but to completely remove what seems to be a natural scent from an item does suggest, to me, more processing. Not so much more processing as to justify $70 per bottle more, anyway.

The Bottom Line

To test, I went two weeks in which I applied Mountain Rose Herbs Argan Oil to the left side of my face and Josie Maran to the right. Throughout and at the conclusion, there was no discernible difference in the condition of my skin on either side. My face looked and felt equally hydrated on either side.

I am now two months into using Mountain Rose Herbs Argan Oil and am enjoying the same results as with Josie Maran’s. This a big win for my skin and wallet, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

As for the other three ounces of product, it lives in my fridge. Argan Oil’s shelf life is dramatically improved by being kept chilled – this ought to be true of any variety. If you’re concerned about your usage, consider buying a few other dropper bottles and give some out as a gift!