That Time Again – 2017 Favorites

I sat down to write about my 2017 Favorites and ended up laughing at myself. I went back and checked the previous year’s favorites to make sure I wasn’t inadvertently writing the same post and … wow, I definitely almost did! I still love and use everything from that list a year later. I even still use the now-discontinued Gimme Brow; I’m on my last tube, sadly. Maybe next year will feature a new brow product. Maybe I’m set in my ways.

Rather than repeating myself, check out what I had to say on these items last time:

2017 Favorites

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day SerumDrunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum, $80

Buying an $80 consumable skincare item even at 20% off was a huge risk for me. I enjoy prestige makeup, but I was worried that I was:

  • losing my mind
  • buying into hype
  • going to hate it or be unimpressed and have wasted money
  • going to love it WAY too much but not find it a sustainable purchase
  • losing my mind

Although I was obviously hoping I’d like it, I was shocked by how much good it has done for my skin. It is my single largest beauty expense, but I am gladly forking over the money twice a year.

NARS Blush, $30

I was so, so late to the party but it is very clear to me why these are cult favorites. I own Orgasm and Deep Throat (NARS, why must you be so edgy with names?) and they really are just pretty colors that are nigh impossible to overdo. I bought mine with a Platinum Perk coupon so I didn’t pay the full $30 andI had a gift card that was gifted to me to offset the damage.

Can’t overstate how much I love these. Luminoso is really wonderful for the price-point, and is a good color dupe for Orgasm but application- and performance-wise there is no comparison.


Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head

Clarisonic Radiance Brush Heads, 2 for $44

In 2016 I had scaled back my Clarisonic usage, favoring instead the Luna Mini by FOREO. Then I found the Clarisonic Radiance Brush heads and voila. I use it nearly every day again.

Tip: Shop smart! To get the most bang for your buck, buy the four packs ($81) when you can use a 20% off coupon (which makes them just a hair over $64/4, or $16ea).

2017 Favorites - NARS KohlinerNARS Kohliner in Minorique, $26

I don’t wear noticeable eyeliner most days. I love this twist-up pencil for tight-lining between my lashes to make it look my mascara is working a little harder than it is.


Polar Seltzer Watermelon Lemonade, $4

Have you ever had something enter and so quickly ingrain itself as a fixture of your life without realizing it? That’s what happened with Polar Watermelon Lemonade Seltzer-ade. I’ve been on the exciting water (read: seltzer) bandwagon for a long time now, but only found out about Polar Watermelon Lemonade in Q3 of last year. I can’t get enough of the stuff which sucks because it is impossible to find in my area. Impossible! has a decent price but twice I have ordered it and twice I have received screwed up, dented, damaged cans. Instead, order from Staples.

I have since purchased and consumed an embarassing amount. I split orders with my coworkers so I can maintain a shred of dignity.


2017 Favorites - Haier Pulsator WasherHaier Pulsator Washer, $199+

The single most transformative item in my life in 2017 has nothing to do with beauty. Sorry not sorry. I know it’s a silly thing to share here, but I’ve shared already and it really made a big impact for me and my stress levels.

I could write sonnets in iambic pentameter about how much I abhor the laundromat. After close to a decade of small apartment living, we saved, waited for a sale, and invested in a small, apartment-sized washer. It easily hooks up to a kitchen or bathroom sink for water inlet. You don’t need any special tools or plumbing knowledge.

A month later, we invested in a small dryer. Now the only thing we have to visit the laundromat for are large blankets. It is glorious! Beyond that, it also enables us to be more thoughtful about our garment care – rather than applying largely one-size-fits-all cleaning methods to all of our laundry, we can tailor what we need to do a little more closely. Result? Our clothing should look better and last longer! It was totally worth dialing back my spending to support the purchases.

Tip: Shop smart! Install a browser plugin like Keepa to keep track of the price so you don’t get a raw deal. We bought ours for $199

The Bottom Line

Because I wasn’t doing much shopping, I didn’t have much new to share. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. What did you love last year?