Milani Luminoso in PanMilani Luminoso, $8

This is a legacy post that I’ve given a facelift. I still love this under $10 drugstore blush – and even though I have a fancy NARS blush and I own highlighters now, this still holds its own in my collection.

There are so many stunningly beautiful prestige and luxury blushes out there.

That said, don’t let yourself get caught up and sneer at drugstore blush because some of them are wonderful. My favorite so far, to my surprise, is a $3 e.l.f. Studio offering. Modest price, modest (but functional, sturdy, and sleek) packaging – but pretty color that is perfect for every day and/or work. But this article isn’t about that, it’s about Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso.

It’s April. My No-Buy is over. Another blush finally joined the ranks.

Drugstore Hype

How many blog articles are there out there about Luminoso? What about YouTube beauty videos featuring it? Hundreds, I’d wager, and for good reason. It’s so pretty, one of those (almost) every-woman shades. And to top it off? This $8 blush is allegedly a dupe for NARS Orgasm. Regrettably, I don’t own that one so I can’t give you a side-by-side.

Milani Luminoso SwatchesLeft, swatched. Right, blended.


See how luminous this is? So pretty, peachy-pink.

I still don’t have any highlighters in my arsenal, but Luminoso is so luminous that highlighter is not even on my mind when I use it. I like accomplishing two goals with one product; it appeals to my lazy, efficiency-craving inner self. It doesn’t last sixteen hours; I find I could use a refresher on the color by about hour six of wear (though a subtle sheen remains). The compact has a little mirror and brush under the pan. The brush, frankly, sucks…but it it’ll do in a pinch for touch-ups.


Speaking of the packaging, I DO NOT love it – it doesn’t feel as sturdy as, say, my e.l.f blush. It kind of looks like it’s trying too hard to be luxurious…but is betrayed by the cheap, lightweight plastic. Fortunately the product inside is so good (like Instant Age Rewind) that it doesn’t even matter.

What’s your favorite drugstore blush?