Every Cosmetic I Love Gets Discontinued – Gimme Brow Recall

Gimme Brow Recall

This week, Benefit Cosmetics issued a recall of the best damn brow product I’ve ever used.

The Gimme Brow Recall Recall

Benefit states that they recalled the product after discovering (on their own) that it wasn’t up to par with their quality standards. Okay, good move, Good Guy Benefit.

Customers were instructed to return to their place of purchase for a refund. Benefit also clarified that the product is not problematic provided you are using as directed. Otherwise, if it comes into contact with the eye itself it could cause irritation.

Oh, damn, I was just dying to paint my iris and pupil with it. Fun ruiners.

But you know what else Benefit said? It won’t be reformulated.

My Brain:


Why? Because every cosmetic I love gets discontinued.

Literally last week, I recommended L’Oreal Infalliable Shadow to a colleague. This week, I learned that it was discontinued.

I’m just waiting for Maybelline to pull the plug on my concealer and L’Oreal on my mascara.

The Bottom Line

Obviously, innovation is important to the success of any product line. But Gimme Brow is and has been a cult favorite – even well before the silly repackaging they pursued. You can integrate innovative products into a line without doing away with successful staples. Unfortunately, Benefit seems to have decided (for now, anyway) that the Gimme Brow recall will not result in a reformulation any time soon. I may try Goof Proof in its place, but beyond that I’m not likely to branch out to other Benefit brow products any time soon. They just don’t suit me.

2 thoughts on “Every Cosmetic I Love Gets Discontinued – Gimme Brow Recall”

  1. The Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer is my favorite right now: http://www.ulta.com/brow-precise-fiber-volumizer?productId=xlsImpprod14371009

    It has a ton of fibers and covers well. It’s been a long time since I used Benefit, and I used other stuff in-between that I didn’t like (essence had zero hold). Maybelline is a little wet at first, so i do have to go over and clean up with a clear brow mascara (still nothing better than Anastasia, as I’ve found). But the results are incredible.

    I spent years and years and years trying to perfect my brow game. If any of this gets discontinued, I’ll be back at square one. ?

    • I’m considering giving Glossier’s Boy Brow a shot – it’s a reasonable price (less than Gimme Brow was). But yes, it is so disheartening to be like, “Yes, I found my HG product for this particular need annnnnd…it’s discontinued.” Very FML.

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