Lab Finds Benzene in More Dry Shampoo

Early last week, I wrote an informative and scathing piece on carcinogens in dry shampoo. The news on the matter was focused on brands under Unilever’s umbrella, but unfortunately independent analytical lab Valisure found benzene in more dry shampoo.

How Many?

Not in a few. 70% of the latest round of tests, featuring 150 batches from 30+ brands across multiple parent companies, came back with high levels of exposure. Here are just some of the affected brands:

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Bi-Weekly WTF :: Vol 17 – Hair Dryer Recall

Xtava Allure Hair Dryer RecallXtava Allure Hair Dryer Recall

Imagine it’s early in the morning, you’re getting ready for the day … and your trusted hair dryer burns you. Or catches fire. Hell of a way to wake up!

Back in August, over two-hundred thousand hair dryers sold by popular retailers Amazon and Wal-Mart were recalled. The dryers in question, the Xtava Allure and Xtava Allure Pro 2200W, are also commonly (and currently, WTF) sold by Groupon Goods.

Why the Hair Dryer Recall

Hundreds of reports were filed with referencing incidents involving explosions, melting, or catching fire.

Oh, that’s good.

Additionally, a few dozen people reported being shocked or burned by the appliances when they overheated.

Great, even better.

Who is Xtava

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Every Cosmetic I Love Gets Discontinued – Gimme Brow Recall

Gimme Brow Recall

This week, Benefit Cosmetics issued a recall of the best damn brow product I’ve ever used.

The Gimme Brow Recall Recall

Benefit states that they recalled the product after discovering (on their own) that it wasn’t up to par with their quality standards. Okay, good move, Good Guy Benefit.

Customers were instructed to return to their place of purchase for a refund. Benefit also clarified that the product is not problematic provided you are using as directed. Otherwise, if it comes into contact with the eye itself it could cause irritation.

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