Worth it? BS-Mall Brushes

BS-Mall BS-Mall Brushes, $13

If you’ve ever shopped for beauty products on Amazon, you’ve probably encountered BS-Mall Brushes. Retailing for around $13 for 14 brushes, this set has over 2,700 reviews that average out to 4.5 stars. There are other sets with lower piece counts at lower prices as well.

Oh, snap.

But if you’ve shopped for brushes before, you know that even a set of inexpensive drugstore brands like Real Techniques, EcoTools, and e.l.f. will run you more than that for 10 brushes unless you get a ‘value’ set that often features lower-quality brushes. The contrast between the price/amount and the quality makes me suspicious – after all, when it seems too good to be true, you’re probably screwed.

So I bit and decided to give them a shot. For $13, I figure at least one of the brushes should be decent. Overall, for less than a dollar a brush, it won’t be a total waste of my time.

The 14 BS-Mall Brushes

The fourteen-piece set I got includes:

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Bi-Weekly WTF :: Vol 17 – Hair Dryer Recall

Xtava Allure Hair Dryer RecallXtava Allure Hair Dryer Recall

Imagine it’s early in the morning, you’re getting ready for the day … and your trusted hair dryer burns you. Or catches fire. Hell of a way to wake up!

Back in August, over two-hundred thousand hair dryers sold by popular retailers Amazon and Wal-Mart were recalled. The dryers in question, the Xtava Allure and Xtava Allure Pro 2200W, are also commonly (and currently, WTF) sold by Groupon Goods.

Why the Hair Dryer Recall

Hundreds of reports were filed with referencing incidents involving explosions, melting, or catching fire.

Oh, that’s good.

Additionally, a few dozen people reported being shocked or burned by the appliances when they overheated.

Great, even better.

Who is Xtava

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Seems Legit: Galaxy Lash

I don’t tend to buy a ton of makeup from Amazon. Generally, my criteria is that it must be shipped from and sold by Amazon.com, or at least sold by a highly-rated third-party Amazon seller. I check reviews, I only buy products that pass muster. That doesn’t mean I don’t come across random and questionable products. Case in point? Galaxy Lash Serum

Seems Legit: Galaxy LashSeems Legit: ‘Galaxy Lash’ Serum

I’m skeptical of lash serums in the first place, but a three-star-rated, normally $89-but-on-‘sale’-for-$41 serum for sale by some random third party…

…that is shamelessly, unabashedly, ripping off Samsung. Seriously? Why would you even do that? Oh, wait, it’s because the product is shady as hell and you (company) can’t even be bothered to establish your own brand.


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