Seems Legit: Galaxy Lash

I don’t tend to buy a ton of makeup from Amazon. Generally, my criteria is that it must be shipped from and sold by, or at least sold by a highly-rated third-party Amazon seller. I check reviews, I only buy products that pass muster. That doesn’t mean I don’t come across random and questionable products. Case in point? Galaxy Lash Serum

Seems Legit: Galaxy LashSeems Legit: ‘Galaxy Lash’ Serum

I’m skeptical of lash serums in the first place, but a three-star-rated, normally $89-but-on-‘sale’-for-$41 serum for sale by some random third party…

…that is shamelessly, unabashedly, ripping off Samsung. Seriously? Why would you even do that? Oh, wait, it’s because the product is shady as hell and you (company) can’t even be bothered to establish your own brand.


Many of the positive, 4+ star reviews are from people who received discounted (at least) product. Surprise, surprise. Unsurprisingly, many reviewers report irritation and burning linked to use of the product.

Sleazy. This product is on Amazon, but I’m not linking to it. It’s ludicrous. If you really want to check it out and have a laugh with me, you can search Galaxy Lash on Amazon.

The risks people take are incredible to me. Cheap blush is one thing. Goop that you are putting at the base of your eyelashes – you know, dangerously close to the eye itself? Why on earth would you gamble your eye health and eyesight on that? That’s what you’re doing when you buy some sketchily marketed, questionably manufactured (good luck verifying where it was made or what the actual ingredients are!) lash serum?.

Remember: If it’s too good to be true…well, see the tagline.