Long Week, Chit-Chat

It’s been an extraordinarily trying week for me. Wrapping up a big project at work, had a 17 hour day Wednesday, found out that a family member is having an unexpected medical situation, plus I’m running a weekend-long (starting today!) event at which I will be on my feet for at least 16 hours today, tomorrow, and 8 on Sunday.

Needless to say, I took Monday off. I’m going to give myself some grace here, too, and take Monday off from the blog.

Here’s a round-up of some stuff I wanted to chit-chat about but don’t have enough to warrant a full post.

Wizarding World of…Winged Liner?


You’ve probably already seen these Harry Potter-inspired brushes. Their wand-like handles are novel, but I question their functionality and quality. Custom design like this is generally expensive. Though they’re fun for those who have affinity for the wizarding world, they also don’t look very ergonomically-friendly; if you’re blending like a boss, your hands are going to be uncomfortable far faster.

Project Pan


I’m trying to Project Pan half of TFEN. I’ve been playing with it for the last couple weeks and even though my initial impressions were good, I’m not getting the performance I now crave. I still adore Totally Fetch and Live it Up, but I can’t wear those most of the time.

History Repeats Itself


There’s a big misconception that Benefit’s they’re Real! Big Sexy Eye Kit is innovative and fresh. Bzzt, wrong – this similar product from L’Oreal came out and was discontinued years ago. It was plagued with the same issues that this product is. I’m all for making beauty routines efficient (read: I am lazy), but some things are worth spending time/effort on. Unfortunately, the attempts at the eyeshadow version of Goober PB&J (which is legit) just aren’t great.

Easier Manicure Clean-Up


I just bought this liquid latex to use as a barrier when I’m doing my nails. I’m generally a tidy DIY manicurist but I’ve been experimenting with sponge-on application, and I’m trying to limit my messmaking. To use it, I’ll decant it into clean, empty nail polish bottles with an oral medicine syringe.

Banish Blemishes


I bit the curiosity bullet and bought these hydrocolloidal bandaids from Nexcare to help tackle any blemishes I might get. I’m interested in observing their performance, and will report back.