Discontinued Products I Miss vol. 2

I’ve written about the list of products that have been sent to the metaphorical glue factory, and since then, the list has only grown.

DIY Hair Gloss Supplies

RIP My Preferred DIY Hair Glaze Products

The Clairol Radiance line carried at Sally’s has been discontinued, and I only found out days ago thanks to a comment from a reader. I have to find a new method to execute my DIY hair glossing treatment! I aim to have a new regimen established by December. I’d tackle this sooner, but I’m getting my balayage touched up in a few weeks and its fairly pointless to mess with it when my hair is in tip-top shape.

Discontinued Products I Miss - St Ives Whipped Silk Lotion

The Best Drugstore Lotion, Ever

This isn’t a new or recent discontinuation, I just found myself wishing it was still made. St Ives Whipped Silk body lotion was cheap, moisturizing, lightweight, lightly scented, and all-around awesome. Unfortunately, they discontinued it in the US in favor of what is, as far as I can tell, a bunch of heavily fragranced, sticky trash.

Also, RIP the Aroma Steam body washes. Those things were amazing too, dang it!

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Discontinued Products I Miss - Almay Raisin Quartz Mascara

Colorful(ish) Lashes

Before I cared about makeup as a whole, I could appreciate what mascara did to make me appear just a little more awake. As I did not care for cosmetics at the time, though, I was very concerned with subtlety. Almay’s i-Color line had greater breadth a decade ago and instead of the Plum Purple they offer to, “enhance,” green eyes, they offered a color called Raisin Quartz. There was a small eye palette, an eyeliner (this still exists, actually) – I didn’t care about those, but the mascara. The not-quite-black, not-stark-purple, not-brown shade was magical. The formula was decent, and I repurchased several times. I adore L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black, but I would absolutely buy another tube of this to have on hand.

Discontinued Products I Miss - Wet n Wild Sagreena the Teenage Witch

Silly Name, Awesome Shade

One of these posts wouldn’t be complete without a long-gone nail polish. Wet n Wild SaGreena the Teenage Witch was rich, shimmery, deep and amazing. If you weren’t someone into exciting nail polish colors all the time, it was perfect for holiday manicures. At $3 per bottle at most, it was both reliable AND cheap. Zoya Holly and Nubar Greener seem to be the closest dupes, according to some Google-fu.