July 2017 Favorites

July 2017 Favorites
1. Small Nalgene Containers, varies / 2. Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner 32oz, $36 / 3. Tanwise Facial Sunless Tanner, $7 / 4. S’Well Milky Way, varies

I had a hell of a time with my image editing software this month and simply couldn’t create a cutesy, pin-worthy (ha, right) graphic this month. My July 2017 Favorites have images in line with the text itself.

Your Face Will Break. Nalgene…Will Not

I bought these from The Container Store for my Invisalign On-the-Go Purse Kit. They’re cheap, simple, and sturdy. I have a one ounce screw-top for my mouthwash and a small, half-ounce flip-top one for unscented, dye-free soap to clean my trays with.

No, Please, Enable Me

Forever lazy, Cinema Secrets made quick work of cleaning my brushes when I was down and out from my extraction. I needed simple things to do to kill the time, but I didn’t want to spend a half hour at the sink. I got through all of my brushes in less than ten minutes!

Facing My Paleness (Not)

It’s less about looking tan, and more about not looking like death warmed over. And, like many people who use sunless tanners and who are also into skincare, my face rarely matches the rest of me. I don’t ever expect a perfect match, but if my arm is damn near NC30 and my face is NC20 … that’s noticeable and awkward.

I had issues with some products causing breakouts, so I started using Tanwise Facial Tanning Gel to help close the (color) gap. I don’t love how it looks initially due to the tint in it; for me, this is definitely an, “apply before bed and wash off in the AM,” product. I definitely don’t love the faux-cherry scent they tried to add to it. In spite of two strikes against it, the color that eventually develops is even and nice – which is ultimately what I want, anyway. And don’t worry – I bought it last year, before my No Buy. I promptly misplaced it and only recently found it again!

A Pretty Water Bottle? Ain’t that S’well?

Water bottles are back on my list! I had been coveting S’well’s Milky Way bottles for a while but couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on a damn water bottle. Sure, I enjoy aesthetically pleasing items that are also practical, but the price made it easy to say no. Especially, might I add, when my Contigo Chill is kicking ass, taking names, and keeping me hydrated all the while.

Fortuitously, a thoughtful friend gifted me one for my birthday and my is it pretty! The internet can’t capture how majestic this color is. It does a great job of keeping water cold, just as they say – I’ve had success with it keeping water COLD for 14 hours and pleasantly cool for another 8 after that before it starts to warm up. Being a screw-top, it is not as convenient as my Contigos. I prefer those for being active and this more for my office and less-active days. I still adore and use the hell out of them, too. Now that, for all intents and purposes, all I can drink *is* water unless I want to take my trays out, I always have a bottle at hand.