Still Love the Wet Brush

A few years ago I discovered the joys of The Wet Brush. This inexpensive brush is great for long and/or tangle-prone hair. Since I wrote that, the line has expanded considerably! They have so many fun colors and different brush styles now. I’ve gifted a bunch of them (and plan to gift more). Their original form-factor includes the original that I wrote about as a style with mixed bristles intended for improving shine.


My silver-haired friend (who showed me The Wet Brush in the first place) alerted me to the fact that they have a fold-up version. Using a gift card (and therefore not violating my No Buy), I picked one up. I love it!

Paddle Brush

For those with ridiculously long or voluminous hair, they make a paddle-brush style. I don’t need this now, when my hair was this long?

At Home DIY Hair Glaze

…it would’ve been great!

Heat Styling

In the several years I have owned and used one, I’ve only been able to come up with one significant drawback to the Original Wet Brush: it isn’t intended to withstand heat styling. I was delighted to learn that they now make heat-resistant brushes. I don’t own one, but I could definitely see it facilitating a blow-dry. Their heat line includes…

Vented brushes like this (they come in a few shapes):

–and barrel brushes, like this:

I haven’t needed to replace my barrel brush yet, but I’ll be considering one of these when the time comes.

The Bottom Line

The Wet Brush exploded in popularity for a good reason: they have a solid product at an affordable price. They’ve introduced novelty through a whole host of fun colors and novelty prints (they have gorgeous jewel-tone brushes!) while maintaining that price-point and quality. Finally, once mastering a specific product, they’ve branched out to, I hope, bring the positive attributes of their main squeeze to other brush types.

Do you own a Wet Brush? If not…why not?!