NARS Kohliner

NARS Kohliner

Until recently, I generally disliked most pencil liners. I couldn’t fine one I liked.  As such, I don’t tend to shop for pencil liners but I will try them if they’re part of a set or come as a freebie. Up until three weeks ago, I hadn’t found one I liked; gel always worked better for me. To my surprise, I had a fateful encounter with NARS Kohliner in a liner value set (more on that soon, it was a Sephora in JcP set) I bought on impulse after a rough day.

I’m a whole new woman. I was terribly remiss not including it in my October 2016 Favorites…but I LOVE this $25 eyeliner. Yeah, I know. Twenty-five is a splurge for an eye pencil.

What I Love about NARS Kohliner

Not only is it pencil, is it twist up (no sharpening!). You won’t naturally get a razor-thin pencil tip with this, but the shape of the tip allows you to use the pencil at an angle for a nice, clean line. If you need razor-thin precision, you can make it that way yourself. I personally don’t need to.

NARS Kohliner is a rich, matte black pencil goes on easily and stays put. I can’t quite figure out why I’ve had so much luck with this specific liner as compared to similar products. I’ve tried drugstore, I’ve tried prestige, nothing else has come close.

Ultimately, I’m able to get it ultra-close-to and in my lash-line without skipping, stabbing, or discomfort. I can lay it on opaquely or lightly line or dot and smudge it out. To date, I have not been able to do this with any pencil liner. That isn’t to say that other pencils are flawed so much as that they aren’t compatible with my skillset.

If you struggle with pencils but would like to try one, give this a shot.

Wear & Removal

I’ve trained myself out of rubbing my eyes throughout the day so I don’t know how smudge-proof it is in that regard. In a normal day (which means no eye-rubbing), it doesn’t smudge or budge. NARS Kohliner stays precisely where I put it – and how much more can any of us as of our eyeliner?

Reviewers say that they have a hard time removing it in the shower. To me, that means it will likely stand up if you get caught in the rain. As for me, I remove my makeup with micellar water or cold cream and haven’t had trouble with removal.

The Bottom Line

Eyeliner never seemed to be something I’d be comfortable splurging on. My favorite liner is a $7 Maybelline product! I can’t believe I’m saying this (considering the price point and simplicity of the product), but yes – I would recommend this liner and definitely will repurchase. NARS’ Sarah Moon Collab features two other shades, Sichuan (a brown), and Witching Hour (a grey). I’m incredibly interested in them, but Sephora doesn’t carry them (therefore, no VIB 20% off, boo) – and I can’t justify $50 on two other pencils right now.