October 2016 Favorites

October 2016 FavoritesOctober 2016 Favorites

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Plus White Kit, $7 / Fresh Cream Rollerball, $18 / LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb, $6 /
benefit Gimme Brow, $24 / Nexcare Acne Covers, $6

I’ve written a whole post about Plus White before, but when I needed to replenish recently, I bought the kit. The kit comes with the gel, a whitening rinse concentrate, and a whitening tray. I got a lucky bonus package that came with a sample of Plus White Toothpaste. I needed a new tray due to some dental work and was delighted to find a flexible rubber tray. Molded trays are better in terms of keeping the gel in contact with your teeth; if you’ve recently had extractions that will result in your teeth shifting, this tray is perfect.

I first bought a bottle of Fresh Cream two years ago, but I didn’t have a purse-friendly size. Now, I do – so I’m wearing it more often again. Although I still have roller balls of Daisy, Daisu Eau so Fresh, and Dot (all Marc Jacobs) I primarily wear Fresh Cream and Pure Grace from Philosophy these days.

I’ve only used one of these and I liked it so much that it is firmly in favorite territory. I am eager to buy more because that fragrance is amazing. Regrettably they don’t have candles, but they do have body wash, body cream, and dusting powders.

I never bothered with Gimme Brow until recently, when I got a 100 point perk of it. Why haven’t I been using this for years?! Dipbrow is incredible for sculpted brows, and I adore my Etude House pencil too, but Gimme Brow enables me to revive my otherwise-blah brows with minimal effort. Tired hands, blurry morning vision? Doesn’t matter. Gimme Brow has got your back. The saleswoman at Sephora suggested I go with shade 01 but I think its a tad light and cool, so I may pick up 02 during the VIB sale in a couple weeks. Even being what I perceive to be the incorrect shade it still looks good.

My skin is in far better shape than it was late last year and earlier this year, but I am still experiencing blemishes a little more often than I was previously used to. Resentful, frustrated, and generally unwilling to drop hundreds on snake oil, I came across these…and boy, I’m glad I did. They deserve their own post, and will get one in due time.

What were your October 2016 Favorites?