Anastasia Dipbrow Tutorial

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

Last week, I rambled about liking Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. Check out my review here. This time, I’m going to share how I use it. Brace yourself, as the majority of this post contains lower-quality photos than I normally try to secure (I didn’t use my DSLR, this was unplanned). It might be a good thing, my brows are unruly (for me).

Start by sweeping your ungroomed brows into a semi-respectable shape with a spoolie. Ignore the fact that they are terribly ungroomed because you’re growing them in anticipation for a brow wax soon.

Anastasia Dipbrow Tutorial - Brush Brows

Crack the Dipbrow pot open and try to keep it open for as little time as possible to prevent the Dipbrow pomade from drying out – just like you should with any creme/gel brow, liner, or shadow products. The best way to do this (and to apply) is to scoop a tiny bit (get less than you think you need – this was too much!) from the pot with the bristles of your brush (I’m using my LAB2 Brow Brush) and either

  1. Swipe it onto the back of your hand (what I do) and cap the pot or
  2. Swipe it into the underside of your cap and then invert the pot onto a flat surface to reduce air exposure.

Anastasia Dipbrow Tutorial - Hand Swatch (Color Inaccurate!)Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade
(COLOR INACCURATE, not a reliable swatch!)

I prefer the former method because depositing it onto the back of my hand allows the product to warm a little, which in turn allows it to apply a little easier. Pick some back up with your brush, then swipe it back and forth to just coat the bristles – it is important not to have a big glob of it on your brush, or you won’t have as much control of the product. Control is, to me, what makes Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade really shine.

Anastasia Dipbrow Tutorial - On Brush

Then, you can fill out your brows in whatever way you see fit. Personally, I like flesh out the tail end of my brows because that’s where I have the most sparseness. I don’t follow Benefit’s brow-mapping technique for day-to-day because I’m not usually seeking a super-structured, carved-brow look. I start at the outer edge of my arch, on the bottom part of my brow and make a single, clean line outward. You don’t need much pressure, Dipbrow is very pigmented and applies easily.

Anastasia Dipbrow Tutorial - Step 1 - Tail

Then, without picking up any more product, lightly sketch out the bottom of your brow in several strokes, applying the least towards the inside.

Anastasia Dipbrow Tutorial - Step 2 - Bottom

Finish the ‘top’ of the tail end (pick up more if you need to), connecting it to the first bottom stroke.

Anastasia Dipbrow Tutorial - Step 3 - Tail Top

With even lighter, feathering strokes, fill in the tail. This can help give the appearance of hairs. I haven’t mastered it, but that’s fine.

Anastasia Dipbrow Tutorial - Step 4 - Fill Tail

After that, at the arch itself, I hold my brush at a in a diagonal, downward angle – like this…

Anastasia Dipbrow Tutorial - Angle Brush to Fill Arch

And make small strokes backwards towards the tail. I do this throughout the arch.

Anastasia Dipbrow Tutorial - Step 6 - Fill Arch

Then, with only a scant amount of product on your brush, flick upwards from the bottom of your brow, again applying the least amount of product in the inner corner. I wound up a little heavy, and I usually do – but that isn’t a bad thing we’ll fix that in the next step. It may even be better to be a touch heavy than a touch light at this point.

Anastasia Dipbrow Tutorial - Step 7 - Fill Entirety

Grab your spoolie brush from the beginning. In brisk, short strokes, brush through your brows. This does a few things:

  • Evenly distributes product.
  • Removes excess product.
  • Helps any brow hairs waylaid by the application to fall back to where they should be in time for the Dipbrow Pomade to dry.

You get a softer finished look:

Anastasia Dipbrow Tutorial - Step 8 - Finish - Brush Thru

At this point, you can top it with Anastasia’s brow gel (the finished photo does not have it, but I got the clear one as a Sephora point perk and like it!) This is my standard, day-to-day eyebrow and it hardly looks, “done.” Sometimes I’ll change it up and put more effort in to achieve a more structured look but the process is essentially the same, it’s just how sharp I’m making my lines and how much product I’m laying down.

You can continue with concealer detailing if you need to carve it out or help mask any errant hairs that you didn’t pluck or have waxed already – I’m not that concerned for everyday, personally, but, “you do you,” and all that jazz.