Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head

Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head


Up until this past winter, I exclusively used the Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Head. As I approached restocking time, the cost-effective four-packs of Sensitive brushes for $81 were sold out everywhere. I never had any intention of trying the other brush heads, but I’m not about to pay $27 each…when I can get 2 for $44 (or, even better, 4 for $81!). I time my purchases of supplies like this so that I can take advantage of a 15% VIB or 20% Platinum Perk discount because I hate paying full retail.


For a while, my Clarisonic had been nearly-benched in favor of my FOREO Luna Mini. I had come to decide that the Clarisonic, paired with the Sensitive brush head, was too much for daily use for me. Instead, I was using the FOREO Luna Mini daily and the Clarisonic primarily for decollete use and occasional face use.

When I couldn’t buy as planned, I got my hands on a single Radiance Brush Head and was surprised; I ended up buying a pack of four.


The pink-accented bristles on the Radiance Brush Head are plush and gentle. They’re softer than the Sensitive heads, and I initially dismissed their efficacy…only to find them quite excellent.


Is my skin more radiant thanks to this brush? I’m not sure, honestly. It is certainly happier with the gentler treatment, and I’m able to use the device daily again!

My pores and sebaceous filaments are taken-care-of without overworking my (now) moderately fussy skin. The sensitive head or two have been relegated to decollete use only.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve given the Clarisonic a shot with the default brush head and found it too much to handle, give the Radiance heads a shot. If you buy from a store like Nordstrom or Sephora, you can always give them a shot risk-free.

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  1. I used this last winter, and at first I thought it was going to be too wimpy, but I wound up really liking it! I have a sensitive one on now that the weather’s warmer, and my skin can handle more “harshness” (plus I had a sensitive one lying around….) but I think I’ll go back to the radiance one again when the weather chills out, which hopefully won’t be for several months yet! :D

    • Yeah, I was pretty surprised. I thought it was going to be useless but I like it so much more!

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