May 2017 Favorites

May 2017 FavoritesMay 2017 Favorites
and Threshold Bath Sheets (Target), $10 /
OPI Bubble Bath, $9 / Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head, $27

Short post this month – my month was full with work, so I didn’t do much fun beauty stuff. In reality, I find it sketchy to see bloggers or vloggers touting 10-15 new, “favorite,” products per month. Seems disingenuous. Even if content creation is your full time gig, it isn’t realistic.

My Kingdom for a…Bath Sheet?

Regular sized towels be damned; bath sheets for life! If I can’t cocoon myself in and build a nest out of my bath towel, I don’t want it. Last year Target had a mind-blowing sale on housewares and I managed to get like eight bath sheet-sized towels for like $35. So far, they’ve held up beautifully! I purchased white ones so I can bleach as-needed. They’re plush and majestic. For best results with any towel, don’t use fabric softener – particularly dryer sheets.

Don’t Burst My Bubble

I can’t help but feel it is boring of me to wear Bubble Bath so much these days, but I can’t help what I like. I don’t have thirty shades of nude pink nail polish – I have Bubble Bath, both gel and classic polish. The shade is flattering on my skin, it applies easily and well, and it isn’t a fussy color. I’ve destashed most of my, “exciting,” neglected gel polish colors, and am about to do the same with my RNP.

Clearly Radiant

On the topic of products that leverage sonic technology to clean, the Radiance brush heads for the Clarisonic are hot fire. I can use my Clarisonic every day again without my face staging a mutiny! More about it in Monday’s post. Using it in conjunction with the rest of my facial routine plus C-Firma is amazing.

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    • The stuff in fabric softener that makes it soften can impact absorbency and lead to them retaining unwanted odors. Here are a few articles that mention that (Good Housekeeping, HuffPost, SimplyGoodStuff) – but basically it’s because the fabric softener leaves a coating on the item.

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