Clarins Glow Booster

Clarins Glow Boost

I haven’t been thrilled with my facial sunless tanning situation for years. Then, I came across sunless tanning serums and decided to give the highly-rated Clarins Glow Booster a shot. Boy, am I glad I did!

What I was Doing

For a while, I was just using what I use on my body, cut with a moisturizer or argan oil. Then, I’d apply with a black beautyblender or even a cast-aside buffing brush.

The results were OK; it didn’t look unsightly, but I didn’t like the heaviness of the lotion on my face. I never have!

Clarins Glow Booster

In the past, I’d tried facial sunless tanners, using regular ones on my face, etc. without results I loved. Exfoliating regularly means needing to use a facial sunless tanner regularly. I felt like I couldn’t use my usual moisturizers and I don’t like adding variables to my routine. I came across another, similar product: a serum that you add drop-by-drop to the moisturizer you already use. That one had so-so reviews and added fragrance, but it piqued my interest. Down the rabbit hole I went until I found Clarins Glow Booster ($32).

How to Use

A couple notes before I explain how to use this. First, the bottom of the dropper bottle is a button! There’s a lip that kinda obscured it from me – it took me a solid TWO WEEKS of violently shaking drops free from the bottle before I realized its a damn button. Second, if you have any extra dry spots, dab some of your regular moisturizer on them. No need to fully hydrate, you just want to make a barrier like you might on your knees.

  • Dispense your usual moisturizer onto your fingertips.
  • Next, unscrew the cap of the Clarins Glow Booster dropper bottle and invert over your moisturizer.
  • Then, dispense 1-3 drops of product into your blob of moisturizer.
  • Finally, mix evenly with your blob of moisturizer and apply evenly to your face.


I apply Clarins Glow Booster with my Mountain Rose Herbs argan oil (4 drops oil, 2-3 drops serum) to a clean face in the evenings. When I wake up, I have this subtle yet lovely glow – and when I use it a few days in a row, it builds up to an effortlessly gorgeous tan. After I’ve built my color to where I want it to be, I use it every 2-3 days to maintain.

The Bottom Line

I’ve used it religiously since early May and have been really delighted with it. At $32 for a half ounce, it isn’t cheap – but it works damn well and I’m less than halfway through the bottle. I’ve had nary a skin issue since starting use back in May – and that’s even with major stress what with buying a house, moving, etc!