Bi-Weekly WTF :: Vol 16 – Naked Palette Discontinued

After eight years, Urban Decay is laying to rest the groundbreaking Naked Palette. That’s right, a favorite of mine, maybe yours, definitely thousands of others – is facing discontinuation.


The Naked Palette Announcement

Cheekily, Urban Decay even went as far as to make a funeral video for the iconic palette o’ neutrals.

Wende says, in essence, that it is time to move on. Naked was a huge milestone back in 2010, but it is time to retire it and move onto other things.

I’m desperately hoping they surprise and delight. One one hand, if the Aphrodisiac palette is any indication, we’ve got good things in store. On the other, Trendmood leaked a brand new Naked Cherry palette … that I can entirely do without.

My Feelings

Years ago, a friend and a group of mutual acquaintances plotted to gift me a Naked palette. I was so surprised by the thoughtful and sweet gesture. The palette quickly became treasured in my collection. I experimented with it, learned, and grew my skills with it. I ultimately didn’t use all of the shades in the palette (who does in any palette), but I treasured them all.

Even as time passed and I grew apart from it because the glittery fallout from Sidecar became too much for my daily life, I treasured it. I still use Smog on a multiple-times-per-week basis because its so damn complementary to my skin and eyes.

It stopped being my daily driver, but I was SHOCKED when I heard the news.

The Bottom Line

If Naked Cherry is the future of the Naked line … eck. I am, frankly, offended that they would discontinue a palette containing the single most glorious shade ever created, Smog. From a business perspective, I get it. I know that everything ever manufactured can’t be kept around forever as much as some consumers would like. But listen to your consumers – do they want a Naked Cherry? Or is Urban Decay getting swept up in the rapid-release cycle that so many brands are?