What I Bought at the August Beauty Insider Sale

In a bizarre turn of events, Sephora threw together an extra (we think) August Beauty Insider Sale. Normally, there’s one in April-ish and then again in November-ish, so to have this August Beauty Insider Sale one fall into our laps is a rare and welcome treat. Fortunately, the stars aligned and I happened to have a gift card – so I didn’t even break my No Buy to shop.

What to Buy, What to Buy?

I’m still riding the post-KonMari wave and don’t feel the need to expand my makeup collection at this time. Sure, are there things I want? Of course. There are cool products released all the damn time that I’d love to try! But the cost to do so is steep; I don’t want to waste money, and I don’t want to reintroduce clutter.

When Urban Decay announced that they were discontinuing their iconic Naked palette (more on that to come), Sephora knocked the price in half. I considered buying a backup and another to give away, but they were sold out before the VIB-tier discount was available.

Setting Limits

My more-mindful-than-the-past approach dictated that I set forth with a strict TWO ITEM limit:

  • More Vitamin C serum
  • …soooomething else from my Wish List

I then considered several things – more palettes that I don’t need, NARS liquid blush, and so forth. Ultimately, though, I decided to continue the skincare kick.

My August Beauty Insider Sale Purchases

August Beauty Insider Sale - What I Bought - Truth Serum

I’ve been using Ole Henriksen Truth Serum since May. I’m almost done with my first bottle, and would definitely run out by the November sale, so I decided to get the larger, 1.7 oz bottle of Truth Serum. I find C-Firma more effective, but the Ole serum lies at a more favorable interaction of my needs and price.

August Beauty Insider Sale - What I Bought - Knockout Tingling Treatment

Next, I decided to try Tarte’s Knockout Tingling Treatment on recommendation of Stef Nicole on YouTube. I haven’t tried it yet (I feel that this is a weekend project), but I’m interested in seeing what it does for my skin.

Did you buy anything during this surprise summer Beauty Insider Sale?