The KonMari Method Komono – Makeup – Part 2: Spark Joy

I got around to executing the KonMari method on my makeup. This category did not include any skincare or tools. As I went, I realized that the process isn’t hyper conducive to photography, but I did manage to catch a few photos.

(Almost) Everything (that Isn’t a Palette)

Editing My Collection - before KonMari

My initial pass included everything that wasn’t a palette. I realized after capturing this photo that I had missed a few pieces. They were still subject to the same joy-sparking scrutiny, I just didn’t get them in the picture. I had:

  • 2 BB Creams (both Missha Perfect Cover)
  • 6 Concealers
  • 1 Highlighter
  • 5 Face Primers (one not pictured)
  • 8 Single Shadows (one not pictured)
  • 5 Eye Primers/Bases (including a MAC Paint Pot & a NYX Milk pencil)
  • 15 Eyeliners (duplicates not pictured)
  • 8 Blushes (one not pictured)
  • 2 Bronzers (one is packaged with one of the blushes)
  • 2 Face Powders (both Hourglass ALPs)
  • 14 Lipsticks
  • 4 Lip pencils
  • 6 Mascaras
  • 5 Brow Products (Ulta & the dregs of my Gimme Brow not pictured)

Expiration Pass

Before I even evaluated whether or not a product sparked joy, I got rid of products I knew were past their prime and eliminated:

Even though I find liquid lipstick a pain in the ass, I would have kept Beso if it weren’t old. The color, and my experience with its wear, does spark joy.

Spark Joy

I went through and determined that the following items did not sufficiently spark joy to justify keeping.:

After that, my collection looked more like this:

Editing My Collection - after KonMari


As for palettes, I currently have:

After assessing, I decided to part ways with Viseart Warm Mattes and Naked Basics. I sold the former and passed the latter to a friend who will likely get more use out of its paler (than Naked2 Basics) colors. The Viseart may come as a surprise; I started writing why I came to this conclusion but realized that is big enough for a whole ‘nother post. Look forward to that soon.


Given the excellent condition and price-point of the Viseart palette, I put it up for sale. It promptly sold. A lot of it is in good shape and was wanted by a friend so I passed it to them. Everything else, however, is being cast off – but not thrown away.

  • My Dipbrow pot is glass – and is going into my regular recycling.
  • Mascara wands are being cleaned and sanitized, then shipped off to Wands for Wildlife.
  • As for the rest, fortunately, I finally got into the TerraCycle campaign to recycle beauty and personal care packaging that is hosted by Garnier. I cleared out the remaining product from the packaging and I don’t have enough yet to justify a shipment, but as soon as I do it will be mailed off.

Remember – some brands offer incentivized, loyalty recycling programs, too – like Back to MAC.

The Bottom Line

In all, I got rid of 31 items because they didn’t spark joy. Some of what I kept does spark joy but isn’t necessarily something I would repurchase. I have decided to attempt to aggressively use them up to expedite that assessment.

My collection is no longer taking up more room than I have allocated to it; it is now neatly reorganized within the Muji drawers I have dedicated to them. It is a surprisingly freeing process, and I’m happy that I’m not producing a boatload of waste in the process.