Naked Basics vs Naked2 Basics

I am not a self-proclaimed, “beauty guru.” I’m not here to convince you that I, “totally love,” or that you, “definitely need,” every damn beauty product under the sun. That said, I do enjoy neutrals quite a lot and (probably) own more than I need (insert excuse about variety being the spice of life here). When I was shopping, ages ago, for a small neutrals palette, I was disappointed to find new resources comparing Naked Basics vs Naked2 Basics.

Naked Basics vs Naked2 BasicsNaked Basics vs Naked2 Basics
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If you’re trying to prioritize Naked Basics vs Naked2 Basics and decide which (if either) to buy, take a look at the swatches from my archives.

Naked Basics SwatchesNaked Basics
n2basics_swatchesNaked2 Basics

If I Could Only Own One

Naked2 Basics, hands down. My bias isn’t because I’ve owned it longer than Naked Basics. Simply put, it works harder for me than its predecessor does. Foxy and W.O.S are fairly light on me (and that’s not even touching on Venus). Crave is near-black (it is not black, but close enough to make me indifferent). I have a ton of black eyeshadow as is – and I bet you do, too. Everything in Naked2 Basics is flattering on my skin; Skimp is a lovely highlight and the taupey-grey Undone shade is unlike anything else I own. Undone is dark enough to line or smoke something out with, but different enough to be excited about.

The Bottom Line

I still like, recommend, and would repurchase both palettes. I use both regularly. But if I’m packing for a trip, Naked2 Basics is going into my bag.