Monday Musings & Priority Shifts

Monday Musings

It’s been a while since I shared a chatty post with no major, overarching theme. Maybe Monday Musings should be a thing.

How many people, in real life, put highlighter on their shoulders, anyway? I mean even people going clubbing. Is this a thing? What if you need a jacket outside? Why?!

Consider for a moment that there are folks out there who execute DIY brazilian waxes. Bravery or insanity?

Wet Brush owners – have you used one of these? Both my mom and I have been eying them up. It’s easy enough to clean our own hair out of our respective brushes, but occasionally fuzz and whatnot makes its way onto the damn that is nigh-impossible to extricate without infinite patience and…tweezers.

I don’t use paper coupons often these days but occasionally I’ll happen across one that is too good to pass up. Case in point: $6.00 off two Covergirl mascaras plus a $3.00 each ibotta rebate – and the products were BOGO. The net result is that they paid me to ‘buy’ the mascara. Granted, it wasn’t the L’Oreal Telescopic I love, but I saved money and I’ll be trying (and writing about) two new-to-me mascara varieties. This outcome isn’t common, though; use coupons to save on things you needed to buy anyway, not to tempt you into spending money on things you weren’t already planning on.

Smith & Cult nail polish bottles look like vanity candy, but they look like a nightmare to hold and use.

On the topic of nails, it’s funny what time does to us. Five years ago, you could have looked at my gigantic nail polish collection, then at me in a store fawning over new shades and asked, “How many more do you need?” While I wouldn’t have answered, “How many are there?” I would have made a case for a few more. Now I only consistently wear a handful of shades and am ready to downsize the vessel I store them in.

I’ve come to a decision on my highlights; more on that in a future post.

After two (more) years, when I run through my stock of my beloved Tigi Moisture Maniac, I think I am going to go back to Tresemme. I enjoy Moisture Maniac a lot, but I am no longer certain that I enjoy it enough to justify the monstrous price difference.

Finally, it is amazing what not shopping for stuff does. I had no idea that it was almost time for a VIB Sale at Sephora (even though it makes perfect sense, being April…) until I got my voucher in the mail. If you’re a Rouge member, you can get 15% off now through 4/20 with code YAYROUGE. Then from 4/20-4/23, (one weekend only!) VIB members can use code YAYVIB for 15% off and regular Beauty Insiders can use YAYINSIDER for 10% off. I plan to restock on more Vitamin C serum (though I got a sample of Ole to try; hopefully I will have decided by then!)