March 2018 Favorites

March 2018 FavoritesMarch 2018 Favorites
1. Scunci Stay Tight Barettes; long & short, $4.50 / 2. Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells, $3 /
3. CND Solaroil, $8 / 4. Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash, $7 / 5. Sensationail Express Gel, My Cherry Amour, $6

Without a purpose in mind, my March 2018 Favorites shaped up to be accessible in terms of where you can purchase (drugstore! Target! Online!) as well as an awesome <$10 each month. I shudder when I see favorites posts and videos where all the products are $25+; for most people, that just isn’t realistic. Details on my favorites after the jump.

Half Up is Enough

I don’t give half-up hairstyles enough credit. They’re generally flattering and can be done without a ton of effort (or, particularly in my case, skill). Forever trying to eke out 3 days from a shampoo, I love slide clips/barettes. My last one bit the dust last month, so I picked up one of each of the long & short Scunci Stay Tight barettes. They’re great for sweeping hair out of your face and obscuring your haphazard dry shampoo job gracefully.

Wet n Wild Shadow Quality is Not a Myth

Sometimes, simple is better. I’d seen the Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells trio lauded before but didn’t get my hands on it until last year. Convinced it was too good to be true, I didn’t really start sincerely testing it until the last month. It wears beautifully! The colors are flattering and user-friendly and I’ve gotten a surprising amount of compliments for something so simple. Now, incredibly and unsurprisingly, the trio has been discontinued. I didn’t have a chance to be angry about it, though, because I learned that it has since been replaced with a Walking on Eggshells quad which includes a neutral matte transition shade. It’s $1 more than the trio was, but I’m opimistically hoping the formula is just as awesome. For $3, it’s a steal.

Cuticle Oil Update

Over time, my bottle of Essie cuticle oil seemed to turn. It stopped smelling quite right, and around the cap had become gummy. I replaced it with a small bottle of CND Solaroil. It is treating my nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin well and has a mild almond scent. (In my bag and at work, though, I use cuticle cream).

Body Wash for a Bar Soap Girl

Although I primarily use Dove bar soap (inexpensive, lower-waste, etc), I’ve been a fan of Aveeno’s classic body wash for years. Aveeno is gentle, mildly fragranced, and kind to my skin. After a ridiculously stressful February and a moderately stressful March, I decided to try their calming variety. I take a shower in the early evening and it helps kick-start my wind-down for bed.

Polish Game

I’ve been saying this for a while now but my nail polish game is boring classic as of late. Lots of Bubble Bath, but in this last month I’ve applied My Cherry Amour from Sensationail’s Express Gel line twice. I have a whole new appreciation for classic red nails.

What were your favorites this March?

2 thoughts on “March 2018 Favorites”

  1. “Although I primarily use Dove bar soap (inexpensive, lower-waste, etc), ” – So I’m NOT the last living bar soap girl on Earth?! Woop woop! I can do body wash if I *have* to, but I enjoy keeping it old school, especially now that I’ve learned how to make my own.

    • You sure aren’t! I only bother with Aveeno (either their classic or what I mentioned in this post) because I find it exceptional. Otherwise, I’m just not interested in body wash. Sure, there are fun scents and whatnot, but I really only need something that is a) kind to my skin and b) doesn’t give me a headache from the smell.

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