I Am Styling Inept

Seriously. Sure, I have my bun snap thing that makes a tidy bun easier than boiling water, but if I have to do anything to my hair beyond just looking fairly presentable for work? Forget about it. You have hair wizards like Kate from The Small Things Blog who are like, “No, it’s so easy!” (No sass to you, Kate) but I’m over here, all thumbs.

I Am Styling Inept - Hot Tools 1.25" Barrel

I went to a wedding mid-June and wanted to (obviously) not look like a clown. I brought my 1.25″ barrel iron (forgot my dryer, though, the shame…was able to borrow the bride’s, though!) to try to help. Unfortunately, because I am not a hair wizard, my hair wound up in a curled, low-slung, side pony. Did it look bad? No. Was it at all what I wanted? Absolutely not. Did it hold for anything? BAHAHA. No.

Despite mousse,


despite heat protectant,


despite gratuitous hairspray pre- and post-curl, alas…it was hilariously bad. Fortunately, I was nowhere near being the center of attention so it didn’t matter. Not even a blip on the radar! It’s just indicative of my overall problem – I can blow dry my hair or set it in rollers, that’s about it.

You see all these makeup or other beauty bloggers who have fabulous hair constantly – I can’t help but wonder if they go get blowouts before photos? No hate, I just can’t fathom how the hell normal people conduct this level of coif wizardry.


I am styling inept. Please send help. I need self-help course for hair.

Will trade makeup application and witty, sarcastic humor for help with hair. Am admittedly slightly jealous of those of you with skillz, but not enough to be toxic. Hair Yoda? Anything?

3 thoughts on “I Am Styling Inept”

  1. Oh my god, I am also absolutely clueless.

    Is heat protectant meant to help set hairstyles? The one time I used it, my friend asked me if I hadn’t washed my hair because it looked greasy. AND I TRIED TO PUT IN EFFORT.

  2. Haha I feel your pain.

    I had a very similar experience with my lackluster locks for your wedding. I was a hot mess haha.

    Unfortunately, I can’t help you here… the only curl I can get is by scrunching it when wet and using mousse. But prepare for frizz-city… and ‘second day hair’? Forget about it!

  3. I’m the same. Zero hair skills. I wash, blow-dry, and flat iron. That’s it. Straight hair, middle part. I can do a basic pony too.

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