OPI Gelcolor

OPI Gelcolor - Icelanded a Bottle of OPI

To date, I own two OPI Gelcolor polishes.

  • Bubble Bath – because I am boring practical it is pretty and simple.
  • I’m Not Really a Waitress – because it is a classic. As soon as I knew it existed in the OPI Gelcolor formula I had to buy it.

I’d own more if it weren’t so damn difficult to get my hands on. Like full-sized Gelish bottles, OPI Gelcolor is officially distributed only to professionals. You know, so us plebeians don’t destroy their reputation or something.

OPI Gelcolor Key Points (Mini-Review)

My experience with OPI Gelcolor has been overwhelmingly positive. The two colors I own:

  • apply with relative ease. On a five point scale, I’d rate it a 5
    (for reference, I’d call China Glaze Gelaze a 4 in ease of application, Red Carpet Manicure a 3, and Gelish a 2)
  • cure properly in both my original and new Sensationail LED lamps without issue
  • wears gracefully and with longevity – I usually get 12 solid days with my application.
    (important note: I don’t have the full OPI system – I don’t use their base and top coat when I DIY!)
  • soak-off removal is easy

The bad news:

  • INRAW isn’t quite the same as the classic, regular nail polish formula.
    This isn’t uncommon with gel versions of existing colors.

In short – I really enjoy the product even if my classic favorite is a bit different.

Deviating from the Norm

Before my trip, I broke my No Buy and my usual, “I don’t get salon manicures,” rule. I decided to take a gamble on a small salon by my house and fortunately, this time, luck be a lady. A lady who, in fact, delivered the best manicure and pedicure service I have ever experienced.

For the service, I chose an OPI Gelcolor shade from their recent Iceland collection. The taupe-y, beige-y, grey Icelanded a Bottle of OPI is an awesome autumn neutral; and, as we have come to expect from OPI, it is a pun. It’s different enough from my usual to be interesting (to me), but neutral enough to be a safe, professional choice.

At day ten slight lifting was observable at the back, “edge,” of the gel, but it did not try to pull away like many others do. Last Friday (11/3) marked fourteen full days of wear. I wore it to day sixteen before I removed it.

The Bottom Line

I already had a favorable opinion of OPI Gelcolor prior to my recent pro manicure. But my positive experience with it makes me want to buy a) the Gelcolor variety of Icelanded a Bottle of OPI and b) the base and top coat products.

I asked my manicurist if they sold the products. Alas, no. I would have purchased a bottle from her on the spot!

Naturally, I took to the internet to see about getting my hands on a bottle as soon as I got home because I. Really. Like. It. Jet had one, so I went for it. Unfortunately, they were actually out of stock and it never shipped after all. Damn!

So far, since I do not know anyone with a cosmetology license and ability to purchase from, say, CosmoProf, my option looks like eBay. I don’t love having to buy product through unofficial channels, but I super don’t love resorting to eBay. I’m conflicted!

For now, if I really want Icelanded a Bottle of OPI, I’ll need to purchase the classic or Infinite Shine formulas and use them with my Sensationail Polish-to-Gel kit.