Bi-Weekly WTF :: Vol 9 – Mole Removal Pen

Mole Removal PenA Mole Removal Pen on Amazon

I was checking out the Lightning Deals section of Amazon when I came across something marketed as a mole removal pen.

Immediately, I was horrified. There are some beauty treatments that are generally performed by professionals that can be done at home. Some things, though, should just be done by a pro. I’ve had moles that I did not care for in fairly prominent places (face). The idea of attempting DIY removal sent a shiver down my spine and a knot to my stomach.

In the past five years, I have had a pair of moles removed via shave excision by a dermatologist and his nurse practitioner in the past. This required local anesthetic to do, sterilization of tools, wound care, cauterization in one of the two cases, etc.  In all, it was executed by trained medical professionals in a clinical environment with professional dermatological equipment. Not me, who knows nothing about this stuff.

From what I can tell, this mole removal pen device uses a needle tip to provide a very localized, specific burn to destroy the tissue in question. Maybe I’m wrong. Regardless, marketing a heated needle for facial use by the average consumer is irresponsible as hell.

Other Red Flags

The listing, riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, is a complete mess. Clearly, it was composed by someone who cannot communicate effectively in the language the listing is in.

Furthermore, the listing completely downplays the potential for side effects, going so far to say this mole removal pen can be used without any side effects.

There is no information on where it was manufactured let alone to which standards it was built. Was it tested by professionals to confirm safety? Literally anything?

They’re suggesting this not only as a gift but that it is the best gift for relatives and friends. What?!

The Bottom Line

To my surprise, this listing isn’t alone. There are dozens of other mole removal pens on Amazon.

My professional mole removal cost $100 out of pocket for one mole that was not, “suspicious.” The other was suspect, sent for biopsy, and therefore covered by my insurance–although it came out fine. That may be a little over three times what this seller is asking for this mole removal pen, but I’d pay it again and again before risking burning the shit out of my face

Please don’t buy this, or a device like this. Unlike hair removal, nail polish, or haircolor, you could injure yourself seriously with a device like this. If it is just cosmetic, save for proper dermatological care and ensure your safety and health aren’t compromised.