Bi-Weekly WTF :: Vol 9 – Mole Removal Pen

Mole Removal PenA Mole Removal Pen on Amazon

I was checking out the Lightning Deals section of Amazon when I came across something marketed as a mole removal pen.

Immediately, I was horrified. There are some beauty treatments that are generally performed by professionals that can be done at home. Some things, though, should just be done by a pro. I’ve had moles that I did not care for in fairly prominent places (face). The idea of attempting DIY removal sent a shiver down my spine and a knot to my stomach.

In the past five years, I have had a pair of moles removed via shave excision by a dermatologist and his nurse practitioner in the past.

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A Mole Removed

Remember how it is Melanoma Awareness Month? I had my annual skin check with my dermatologist last week! Fortunately, a good visit, nothing scary was found. My main purpose for visiting, however, was to have a second mole removed; this one for mostly cosmetic (non-cancer!) purposes (like the first). Positioned by my left ear, I frequently graze this one with a hairbrush or comb. For those of you who may not have any moles, sometimes they’re hyper sensitive and something that doesn’t feel like much elsewhere can be quite painful – i.e., comb grazing normal skin vs. a mole.

The procedure, though not terribly pleasant, is not difficult or time consuming. In fact, the receptionist failed to note the reason for my appointment when I booked it, but it wasn’t a problem. Previously, I had one removed in November 2013 via a shave-style excision. I get questions from time-to-time, and I was also surprised by the low number of people talking about these procedures, so I wanted to share my experiences.


This post does not contain pictures, but may be considered graphic due to the description of the procedure. If you are exceptionally squeamish and/or NOT interested in information about these procedures, you may want to skip this one!

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