Apply Self-Tanner with a beautyblender

Earlier this month, I talked about how to apply self-tanner to the face with a makeup brush. That’s not the only, “alternative,” way that works really well, though!

Why yes, that is my (old, frankly kind of in rough shape but still going strong!) beautyblender PRO…

bbtanapply self-tanner to the face with a beautyblender

Atop it? Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 week Tan Mousse (review coming soon).

Easy. Dispense your self-tanner upon your edgeless sponge of choice. If you have a lotion, I recommend applying as you would foundation, instead of dispensing onto the sponge.

Dot on your face with the sponge if you’re using a foam. Otherwise, just use a fingertip.

And bounce repeatedly with your beautyblender to stipple in, just like you would apply foundation.

Between the two methods, I’m partial to the brush method than the sponge one – less product goes to, “waste,” that way – but both deliver great results! This is, I believe, what inspired them to create the bodyblender – I’ll be passing on that for now (I’m fine with the common mitt-application method), but pretty neat nonetheless.

How do you apply self-tanner to your face?

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    • I do! If you don’t, the sponge will just absorb your product – and with as expensive as decent self-tanner is, I can’t allow that to happen.

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