Revised Opinion: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, $12

Several years ago, I was sent Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs to try courtesy Influenster.

I hated it.

Fast forward to now, I have entirely reversed my stance. *record screech* Yeah. That’s right. I completely reversed my opinion. I love this stuff, now…with the right shade and some usage modifications, that is.

First Problem with my Previous Foray with Airbrush Legs

The bottom line of my first attempt with it is that the shade I received was not the shade I needed. It was too damn dark, and that’s why I looked so orange. Turns out, going with a shade lighter made my skin look significantly less ridiculous. I use the Light Glow shade which is the second-to-lightest and it looks decent when I’ve been using sunless tanner casually. I’ll have to report back in the winter at my palest.

Second Problem

It is slightly unforgiving on its own. A little goes a long way; you don’t need as much of this stuff as you think to achieve even color, but the amount you need may not spread to evenly cover your desired application site on its own. Cocktail it with some regular body lotion, though, and you’ve got something far easier to work with. Personally, I like Eucerin Daily for this. I take one pump of the Eucerin and an equivalent-ish amount of Airbrush Legs on a tanning mit. I mix them together by folding the mitt onto itself, then I apply.

The product tells you you can dress within a minute, but I think this is way too little time. I wait about ten minutes. If I apply this in the morning, my day looks like this:

The Bottom Line

When you have the right color, it really does a great job of minimizing bruises and other imperfections. As a result of moving, which is a fairly violent process absent movers, I was sporting some bruises on my legs (damn you, dropped boxes or using my leg as a support). This covered them handily, even diluted with lotion.

Next, it does not come off in the rain. Anecdotally, I read some reviews wherein the writer claims to have successfully gone swimming with the product intact; I haven’t gone that fair, but it has survived rain. It also survives showers – I typically wash my hair, face, then body. In my experience, it doesn’t come off unless you work at it with soap!

It isn’t an either-or proposition if you like to use sunless tanners, either. I find that it evens out mistakes I make with my sunless tanner!