NYX Tinted Brow Mascara

This legacy post has received a facelift (or at least an invigorating facial massage). Content was tidied up; updates with new opinions/insights are in line with notation. April Favorites will run next week.

NYX Cosmetics has come out with a lot of new brow products – a gel, a mascara, a pomade (trying to take on Dipbrow?), new ultra-skinny pencils, etc. In spring of 2015, I picked up the NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in Brunette.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara - Packaging


I was happy with Dipbrow (2018 Update – I did ultimately discontinue use of Dipbrow.) , but trying something new is fun every now and then. I picked this up when I returned the failed NYX Green CC Cream. While I was shopping, the first thing that struck me was the lack of variety in available shades. They have blonde (lighter, taupe-y), chocolate (warm brown), brunette (cool brown), espresso (dark brown), and black (brown-black)…that’s it!

Color Choice

I chose the (supposedly) cooler brown shade, Brunette. Although my hair is fairly warm, I don’t want my brows to be. Upon use, I found that despite perhaps being the cooler of the two, it is quite warm.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara - Wand

Consistency, Hold, and Application

The consistency of NYX Tinted Brow Mascara is very lightweight, but wet; when you swipe it through your brows, you definitely feel the moisture content. Personally, I found that weird in a brow product and did not care for it. Given that, you don’t have a whole lot of control even though the spoolie with which you apply it is small and stiff. I found myself getting blobs in my brows that were really awkward. Ultimately, I had to gently squeeze the spoolie with a tissue to remove the excess so I was applying the bare minimum – which means I was wasting product to be able to use it.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara - Hand SwatchNYX Tinted Brow Mascara – Swatch

As far as hold goes? Meh. It’s better than nothing, but if your brows are unruly and you really want them to stay put you need something else. Without sounding like a shill, I’ve only ever tried Anastasia’s clear one, and I was happy with its strong hold (2018 Update – Anastasia Clear Brow Gel still takes the cake but full disclosure – my brows are not unruly). Happy enough to regularly shell out for it? Nope; I’m sure there are other good ones out there.

2018 Update – Simply put, the spoolie is too large for the intended purpose. This is more of a standard, eyelash-mascara applicator rather than one suited for brows. It is difficult to use for the intended purpose, but not impossible.

The Bottom Line

My verdict? This product would be okay as a finishing touch when paired with a powder or pencil. I wouldn’t use this on its own unless your brows are already nigh-flawless.

It is finicky to work with, and the shade range leaves some to be desired. I wouldn’t buy if you’re looking for a one-and-done product, or unless you’re SURE the shade will work for you; in my case, my brows were too warm with this, it was really awkward and obvious.

2015 Favorites

I’m approaching my annual favorites post a little differently than I did last year. Instead of breaking it down by section, I’m just going to slap all my 2015 Favorites together. I liked plenty of things, but these are what I liked most.

2015 Favorites

Naked2 Basics - Social

Naked2 Basics, $29 – has been my lifesaver. Even when I first swatched it and decided I required it, I didn’t imagine I’d come to use it as much or as often as I did and do. Personally, I think it is superior to its predecessor…but I don’t own its predecessor, so I haven’t run it through the gauntlet, yet.


e.l.f. Studio Blush in Tickled Pink, $3 – is a very subtle, pleasant peachy-pink hue. I wear it the most of all the blush I own; it’s hard to overdo, and isn’t too much for work.


MAC Creme in Your Coffee, $17 – Such a nice MLBB, it stays and wears away well. Reapplies easily, and has that lovely signature MAC lipstick scent. I will repurchase a billion of these.

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NYX Prismatic Mermaid Swatches

Weekly Favorites will come on Friday – I goofed my publication schedule.

Not long ago, I mentioned NYX Cosmetics’ Prismatic shadow in Golden Peach being a dupe for Urban Decay Freelove. I don’t own Golden Peach yet, but I did pick up another color from the collection.

It isn’t often that a trend strikes me and makes me go, “I NEED THAT,” but when I saw NYX Prismatic – Mermaid…well, I needed it. I don’t have anything like this opalescent, minty shade, it was on sale, it is fun. So I picked it up.

NYX Prismatic Mermaid - Pan

The saleswoman at Ulta remarked, upon ringing me out, that they had sold a boatload (ha) of this single shadow.

I’m not really sure why it’s trendy (but then again, I never am), but these frosty, iridescent/opalescent minty/aqua-y green-blues are everywhere. I don’t know, I guess it makes people imagine mermaid tail scales (isn’t that creepy, though? Whatever).

Onto what you care about!

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Urban Decay Freelove Dupe

I can never hope to be a massive repository of dupe information like Temptalia is, but if I notice something neat, I’ll point it out.

So, recently, I hosted a giveaway for a single pot of Urban Decay’s Freelove eyeshadow. Freelove is a lovely pinky-peachy-gold with a frosty, satin finish.

Urban Decay Freelove Dupe (Freelove)

I love it.

I was in Ulta redeeming my birthday freebie last month when I came upon a display of the Nyx Prismatic shadows. Nyx Prismatic Golden Peach caught my eye and looked familiar, so I swatched it and found that it was an Urban Decay Freelove Dupe!

It’s SO close to Urban Decay Freelove but only 1/3 of the price ($6 vs $18)! Main difference is that Golden Peach is a tad more shimmer. Temptalia’s reviews of each suggests that Golden Peach lasts a bit longer on the lid than Freelove.

Urban Decay Freelove Dupe - Nyx Prismatic Golden PeachNyx Prismatic Golden Peach – an Urban Decay Freelove Dupe

Unfortunately, my hasty store swatch was not photo-worthy. I didn’t buy one for myself since I already have Freelove (and I’m not a dupe hoarder) BUT if I didn’t already own it and needed to decide between the two, I’d probably go with Golden Peach.

So if you missed my giveaway and can’t justify dropping $18 on a shade (I can’t either – I bought them half off), don’t despair – get this! NYX goes on sale at Ulta fairly regularly, too (40% off or BOGO 50% off are common)!