NYX Prismatic Mermaid Swatches

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Not long ago, I mentioned NYX Cosmetics’ Prismatic shadow in Golden Peach being a dupe for Urban Decay Freelove. I don’t own Golden Peach yet, but I did pick up another color from the collection.

It isn’t often that a trend strikes me and makes me go, “I NEED THAT,” but when I saw NYX Prismatic – Mermaid…well, I needed it. I don’t have anything like this opalescent, minty shade, it was on sale, it is fun. So I picked it up.

NYX Prismatic Mermaid - Pan

The saleswoman at Ulta remarked, upon ringing me out, that they had sold a boatload (ha) of this single shadow.

I’m not really sure why it’s trendy (but then again, I never am), but these frosty, iridescent/opalescent minty/aqua-y green-blues are everywhere. I don’t know, I guess it makes people imagine mermaid tail scales (isn’t that creepy, though? Whatever).

Onto what you care about!

Pigmentation is good on its own but better with a base or primer. I have swatched NYX Prismatic Mermaid four times, below:

NYX Prismatic Mermaid - SwatchesNYX Prismatic Mermaid Swatches

(Excuse the burn on my knuckle, I got into a fight with a hot curling wand.)

From Left to Right: Over bare skin, over NYX Milk, over a black base (I used a boring liner, but if you have a, “proper,” black base it will look similar), and over a metallic silver L’Oreal Silkissime pencil. On its own, on me, you see a bit of warmth but it is slightly sheer (this is just one swipe, though!). NYX Milk and the black base speak for themselves, but the transformation over the silver is really neat; definitely takes on the cooler, almost blue-ish tone.

I’m still trying to figure out my preferred way to wear this and am having a lot of fun doing so, but I have determined that this wears for at least six hours over a basic primer before getting too crazy-faded/obviously needing touch-up.

What’s your favorite way to wear mint shadow?

2 thoughts on “NYX Prismatic Mermaid Swatches”

  1. I picked this up too when NYX was 40% off. It was the only one I got. Idk why, it just kinda called to me. Now that I have it, I’m stuck on ways to use it. It’s just been sitting in my shadow basket untouched.

  2. Ha, I must be super trendy because I just did a minty green look the other day :p

    I actually prefer very crazy colours slightly sheer – it’s much easier to do work-safe /socially appropriate looks with a light wash on the lids.. Or maybe I’ll just lightly shade my lower lash line with it.

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