NYX Prismatic Mermaid Swatches

Weekly Favorites will come on Friday – I goofed my publication schedule.

Not long ago, I mentioned NYX Cosmetics’ Prismatic shadow in Golden Peach being a dupe for Urban Decay Freelove. I don’t own Golden Peach yet, but I did pick up another color from the collection.

It isn’t often that a trend strikes me and makes me go, “I NEED THAT,” but when I saw NYX Prismatic – Mermaid…well, I needed it. I don’t have anything like this opalescent, minty shade, it was on sale, it is fun. So I┬ápicked it up.

NYX Prismatic Mermaid - Pan

The saleswoman at Ulta remarked, upon ringing me out, that they had sold a boatload (ha) of this single shadow.

I’m not really sure why it’s trendy (but then again, I never am), but these frosty, iridescent/opalescent minty/aqua-y green-blues are everywhere. I don’t know, I guess it makes people imagine mermaid tail scales (isn’t that creepy, though? Whatever).

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