MAC Creme in Your Coffee Swatches

I’ll never have too many MLBB colors. I only have one at the moment, really…but I won’t be able to have too many, either.

Think about it – you look polished, but it is subtle and not terribly obvious that you’re made up. As they wear away you have a little more grace when it comes to touching up than you would with say, a magenta or red.

But really, now that my tube of MAC Cosmo has been decommissioned, since I’m still not purchasing Revlon (they still haven’t addressed the shady safety issues, let alone the hateful remarks), and the smell of Rimmel’s Apocalips annoys me, I’m actually down three MLBB shades! Woe betide me. That means I had, well, one. Two if you count balm. Sky, falling, etc.

The same nice person who gifted me MAC Flamingo also gifted me MAC Creme in Your Coffee.

MAC Creme in Your CoffeeMAC Creme in your Coffee

The photo above almost makes it look as though MAC Creme in Your Coffee has a shimmery quality – I assure you, it does not. This creamy, pinky-brown has a neutral undertone which is awesome because it will flatter any wearer’s undertone without pulling too warm or cool (for example, I generally feel foolish in cool-toned lipsticks, except reds). It is versatile enough, too, that although it will flatter nearly everyone it will not look the same on everyone.

MAC Creme in Your Coffee is one of their Cremesheen finishes – this means you get a very smooth, creamy, even application and opacity within two swipes. The below swatch is just one swipe.

MAC Creme in Your Coffee - Swatch

On me, MAC Creme in your Coffee is indeed an MLBB, pulling just a tad darker than my pigmented lips’ natural shade. I usually need to reapply after four hours, three if I’ve had beverages, but it wears away gracefully as not only I would expect from an MLBB, but from this formula. It remains creamy, never sticky or dry, for the duration.

It’s nice that the void has been filled, and MAC Creme in your Coffee was a great one to do so. Although I was sad about the whole Glambot/expired MAC Cosmo thing, I like MAC Creme in Your Coffee a little better than Cosmo and its Amplified formula – it was almost too opaque for what I want out of these. I’d do a side-by-side swatch, but since the tube of Cosmo is over 7 years old, I can’t be sure that the integrity of the swatch would be up to scratch, so I won’t bother. I will, however, happily repurchase this shade as well.

You can get MAC products from their site, from Macy’s, from Nordstrom, or a MAC store.

What’s your favorite your-lips-but-better shade?