Chatter: My Makeup Uniform – Winter 2019


For a long while, I was just throwing concealer on my eyelids, mascara on my lashes, and calling it a day most days. Then, I decided I wanted to try to Project Pan the contents of my Z-Palette. Amusingly, I am not making a ton of progress wearing the contents down. In the process, though, I inadvertently discovered what I like to do on auto-pilot for my eyes. Since my eyes tend to be the longest part of painting my face, this was a game-changer. So now, most weekdays, this is what I do to my face.


I have a complicated relationship with base makeup. I haven’t worn, “real,” foundation in literal years now. In the fair weather months, I don’t bother with it. Between heavier usage of Clarins Glow Booster and my sunscreen-covered skin being incorrigible and taking color anyway, my skin generally looks good. I don’t want to cover up my skin when it is looking good; plus, it saves me steps and product which equal time and money.

When I do want a base, I start my makeup uniform off with MISSHA Perfect Cover in shade 21. Even if your skin generally behaves in the winter, you still might experience some difference in texture or uneven tone. Dry air is a hell of a drug. This has been true for me since November or so.

After applying my vitamin C serum in the morning, I apply a pea-sized amount of BB Cream with a brush (I’ve been using Real Techniques’ Expert Face Brush or an F80), I pick up some product and apply to my face starting at the center. This BB cream is pretty forgiving; you don’t need to be terribly fussy with application. I can do it half-awake at 5:30 AM, bleary eyes half-blinded by my lit vanity mirror. You could use fingers if you didn’t care to bother with a brush. Sponges like beautyblenders or Real Techniques’ sponges are great, too – but mine are MIA because cats.


Simple is wonderful. First, I lay down some MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, which I picked up in October 2017 and am still not even halfway through; it will dry up before I finish it, but I love it. Then, using a neutral color (i.e., Naked from the extremely stupidly discontinued Urban Decay Naked palette), I give my crease some character with a(n also stupidly discontinued – in its original form, at least) 217 brush. After that, I pick up a gratuitous amount of Urban Decay Smog on something like a 239 brush and apply it generously to my lid starting from the outer corner, blending inward.

Sometimes, I need to go back in with my crease brush (with no more product) to even the transition out. Sometimes I don’t. Then, with something small like a pencil brush, I’ll pick up a lighter gold color like Half Baked and apply it sparingly AF to my inner corner.

Finally, with a flat or angled brush, pick up a dark brown, grey, or black and use the shadow as liner on the outer half of the lash line. Curl lashes – the Shiseido, unsurprisingly, is going strong – and apply mascara. Done.

The Rest of my Makeup Uniform

There isn’t much else to it. No lipstick, usually, because it transfers to my aligner trays too easily. I’m still using Ulta’s Brow Tint in my brows. It’s good, perhaps not the best, but for the price you can’t argue.

For blush, I’m reaching for an old Coastal Scents Angled Blush Brush and either Orgasm or Deep Throat because they’re both magical.

Some days I use Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light (usually if I feel I’ve either overdone or sloppily applied the blush) and Urban Decay All Nighter. Some days I don’t. Both days are fine.


To remove, I just use some micellar water on a reusable makeup cloth. Everything comes off effortlessly!

The Bottom Line

Do you have a makeup uniform or go-to look that is your daily driver?