Worth it? Ulta Brow Tint

Ulta Brow TintUlta Brow Tint, $10

When I learned that my favorite brow product, Gimme Brow, had been recalled/discontinued, I was upset. I seem to end up getting attached to products that end up facing discontinuation just a year or two later. I set out to research replacements because like mascara and unlike lipstick, I do my brows daily.


Glossier’s Boy Brow product looks attractive, and I intend to someday try it. That said, that day doesn’t happen to fall in the first quarter of 2018. Instead, I was surprised to find that Ulta Brow Tint, an unassuming brow product in their house line, has incredible reviews… and is only $10 a tube.

Supply Run

I needed to resupply on dry shampoo last month, which is ‘permitted’ by my ‘rules.’ Likewise, resupplying on a brow product is within the rules as long as I’m not getting crazy experimental. Since my previous product is not available for purchase, trying something new is fair. And, better yet, it costs less.

Better-better yet:

  • The whole line, including Ulta Brow Tint was buy one, get one free
  • I had Ulta coupons
  • I had a gift card

…so I didn’t spend out-of-pocket.

Shade Range

Ulta Brow Tint comes in six shades and, as a result, beats the pants off the color options of most other brands offering similar products.

After examining Ulta’s swatches online, I settled on Light. It is, as you’d guess by just the name, a lighter shade. They had a blonde shade but it was way too warm/red to be right; Light is an ash tone. It is an appropriate shade match for me.

Application & Wear

So, first of all, unlike Gimme Brow and Boy Brow, this is not a fiber product. Although the tint does help give the appearance of filled-in brows, it is important to understand that you will not achieve a similar effect to those products on the sparseness front. There’s nothing to adhere to other hairs to give brows extra oomph. This is disappointing to me but … $10, people.

I find that the spoolie is appropriately sized for the nature of the product (very similar to Gimme Brow). Unfortunately, though, the spoolie picks up far too much product due to the consistency. As a result, I had a bit of a learning curve in which I unwittingly applied way too much to my brows and then had to go back and clean up. I have found that wiping off the excess on a tissue works, but it always sucks to waste product.

Overall, it applies easily. I brush first against, then with the growth of hair. Once on, it easily lasts all day. On the other hand, removal isn’t a pain; it comes off easily with micellar water and a reusable makeup cloth.

The Bottom Line

In all, Ulta Brow Tint is a surprisingly solid product from a house brand. Although it isn’t my hands-down favorite, I would recommend and repurchase. That said, if you’re looking for something to help with extreme sparseness I’d say this probably isn’t for you.

I will keep exploring (like trying Boy Brow next) when I run out, but I wouldn’t feel let down to have to return to this product for my lazy brow needs.