Worth it? Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

The makeup industry often has weird (OCC Technopagan) or even oddly sexualized names. To name a few? NARS Orgasm and Deep Throat (duh). Urban Decay Rule 34. I could go on.

Too Faced, however, has no bushes to beat around, and no bothers to give. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Bam. Shock value!

Too Faced Better Than Sex

Well, aren’t you cocky?

I’m here all week, folks. Anyway, it isn’t a new product, but I’ve noticed a bit more buzz around it lately. I got a deluxe sample tube with my Everything Nice palette and finally decided to crack ‘er open.

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Too Faced Selfie Powders :: An Afterthought

Too Faced Selfie PowderToo Faced Selfie Powders

When I was researching the Too Faced Selfie Powders for last week’s post, I came across a thread on a popular makeup community discussing the product. The discussion was split roughly 50/50 – with some expressing feelings similar to mine, and others saying it was cute/kitschy/fun/etc.

There were, however, a few people who were neither for the Too Faced Selfie Powders nor against them that questioned the criticism. One participant adds something along the lines of (this is paraphrased):

I don’t understand why the Too Faced Selfie Powders are getting so much hate – why is this worse than silly nerd collections by Indie makeup brands?

It’s a good question, and it makes you think about the product and issue a little more. But I have a good answer.

Here’s the difference:

Geek Chic’s adorable Sailor Moon collection and Hello Waffle’s hilarious Archer-themed collections are just eyeshadows. They don’t claim to do anything special, they’re just cute eyeshadows with fun names. Too Faced Selfie Powders, on the other hand, are literally marketed as being, “filters,” for your real-life face…they’re just colored powders. At best, they’re for color correction. They aren’t appealing to a fandom, they’re marketing a product claiming that it does something that, realistically, it doesn’t do.

Too Faced Selfie Powders

I’m kind of an Instagram fledgling. I mostly use it to follow makeup artists and brands I admire; I’m not into selfies, and I’m mostly posting blog content. Given that it isn’t my most-active platform, I’m usually surprised when I learn about new products via Instagram before I hear of them elsewhere.

Too Faced Selfie PowderToo Faced Selfie Powders



The Too Faced Selfie Powders are one such example. Too Faced has been flooding the tubes with #tfnofilter for a little bit, but until they dropped the Selfie Powders I just figured it was the standard cutesy, “nofilter,” hashtag with some branding slapped on. Basically, Too Faced has come out with luminous powders that claim to act like Instagram filters IRL.

“Light-filtering, photo-enhancing powders.”


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Noteworthy and New at Ulta

I shared a similar list about Sephora on Monday, and figured what the hell – they aren’t the exact same store, after all. Here’s what’s noteworthy and new at Ulta!

New at Ulta - Tarte Tartelette

Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette, $44 – This isn’t an exclusive (but then I never said this post, or its predecessor, would be) but Tarte and matte fans can rejoice with the arrival of the new 12-shade palette of matte neutrals. I haven’t had the opportunity to try Tarte shadows, but I hear great things. I think some of the shade names are odd. The whole palette is very wearable – I could see myself using Force of Nature (top row, 2nd), Power Player (bottom row, 3rd), and Multi-Tasker (top row, 4th) a lot.

New at Ulta - Anastasia Contour Kit Medium/Tan

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit – Medium to Tan, $40 – So when I wrote Monday’s post, I didn’t realize that the darker shade set for this palette was new. But it is, so those of you with up-to-tan can chisel your cheekbones to your heart’s content without having to shell out for the big contour book (this link is for the classic and the new one, you’ll have to select Medium to Tan from the options). Hopefully they will release a kit with even deeper shades of contour powders so we’re covering a greater group of people.

New at Ulta - Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Brushes, $16-26 – These brushes, which are exclusive to and new at Ulta, are gorgeous, and I was so excited to see them in person when they were announced (and I have). I must admit I suffered a little sticker-shock once I saw the price tag in stores – we are used to seeing $6 for single tools up through $20 for sets (regular retail) from Real Techniques, not $16-26 per brush and they are not included in Ulta’s BOGO 50% off sales. The Bold Metals line purportedly features their best bristles so far and is supposed to be a luxury line, but I’m not sure I can justify that when I can spend around that much for Sigma, or even some MAC brushes. Despite my sticker shock, I am intrigued by the contour brush and may consider buying it were available for less than $20.

New at Ulta - ... why?

Kardashian Beauty Hair Dryer, $90 – Why? Why is this a thing? Why would someone buy this?

New at Ulta - Too Faced Melted Lipsticks - NEW colors!

Too Faced Melted Lipsticks, $21 – The line isn’t new, but cruelty-free brand Too Faced just added four new colors. I haven’t seen swatches, but Sugar appears to be a pink-toned nude hue, Strawberry is a red, Velvet is a burgundy, and Frosting appears to be a baby pink. The applicator reminds me a lot of the old, old Bonne Bell Lip d’Votion applicator. (Don’t judge.) I’m not sure how I feel about liquid lipsticks in general so far, but I might give Violet (not one of the new ones) a shot because it is entirely unlike any color I own.

New at Ulta - Marc Jacobs Daisy Sorbet collection

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sorbet and Daisy Eau so Fresh Sorbet, $76 and $89 respectively – The original Daisy was, and is my jam. I have come to love the original Daisy Eau So Fresh as well, but some of the newer spins on both fragrances haven’t rocked my world enough to even remotely consider bothering with them. I’m going to sniff them both when I’m in Ulta next to make a judgment – looking at the notes, I’m not sure if I’ll love them or hate them.

Everything Nice Palette Tutorial: Teal Look

A while ago, I shared a creepy, low-res shot of this eye makeup (all single eye shots are creepy, face it) I did with the Too Faced holiday palette. I had taken it with my cell phone, but got a few requests to produce both a tutorial of the look and an Everything Nice Palette Tutorial. Although it is starting to be a bit late for holiday parties, this look is appropriate for them, and will carry you through any New Years’ festivities you may have. It would also be pretty cool for Mardi Gras or…you know, if you just felt like it (who needs an occasion?).

5hXauN0Everything Nice Palette Tutorial: Teal Look ft. Too Glam

Start with clean skin (obviously, we aren’t savages). When doing this look, I recommend doing your eyes first as these shadows have a good bit of fallout. You don’t want to mar your base, and who really has time for shadow shields?

Prep your eyes as you see fit – I’m going to use Too Faced Shadow Insurance. You can use whatever primer or concealer your heart desires, but since I have it, I’ll use it for this Everything Nice Palette Tutorial.

Next, grab a fluffy blending brush (I’m, using bdellium tools 785, a tapered fluffy blender), dip into Fawned of You (neutral light brown from the top row, second-to-last) and apply in your crease using circular and windshield-wiper motions. This will help us blend more later as well as provide definition to our eye socket.
Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Crease Shade

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