Everything Nice Palette Tutorial: Teal Look

A while ago, I shared a creepy, low-res shot of this eye makeup (all single eye shots are creepy, face it) I did with the Too Faced holiday palette. I had taken it with my cell phone, but got a few requests to produce both a tutorial of the look and an Everything Nice Palette Tutorial. Although it is starting to be a bit late for holiday parties, this look is appropriate for them, and will carry you through any New Years’ festivities you may have. It would also be pretty cool for Mardi Gras or…you know, if you just felt like it (who needs an occasion?).

5hXauN0Everything Nice Palette Tutorial: Teal Look ft. Too Glam

Start with clean skin (obviously, we aren’t savages). When doing this look, I recommend doing your eyes first as these shadows have a good bit of fallout. You don’t want to mar your base, and who really has time for shadow shields?

Prep your eyes as you see fit – I’m going to use Too Faced Shadow Insurance. You can use whatever primer or concealer your heart desires, but since I have it, I’ll use it for this Everything Nice Palette Tutorial.

Next, grab a fluffy blending brush (I’m, using bdellium tools 785, a tapered fluffy blender), dip into Fawned of You (neutral light brown from the top row, second-to-last) and apply in your crease using circular and windshield-wiper motions. This will help us blend more later as well as provide definition to our eye socket.
Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Crease Shade

Take a picture doing so, then laugh both at your comically-large-looking pupils (isn’t light fun?) and how intensely creepy this looks. Ultimately decide not to take any more pictures placing product on the eye itself.

Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Crease Work

Pick up some Turtle Dove (upper left-hand corner) on a ring-finger (not pictured)…

Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Lid Base

And pat it onto your lid. This, more than anything, is to make blending easier.

Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Lid Work

Using a dense shadow brush (I’m using Real Techniques Shader brush), pick up Shiny Happy, the cool gold from third row (second shadow in).

Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Inner Corner Color

Hastily slap it on Gently sweep it on to the inner half of your lid.

Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Inner Corner Work

Take a white shadow base such as Nyx Milk pencil, pick some up on another finger and gently pat it in the outer third of your eye to amp up the intensity of the end result.

Don’t worry about being super neat, but don’t be like me – clean up what’s below your eye.

Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Outer Corner Base

Using a flat brush (this one is a Coastal Scents BR-B-S20 Elite Concealer from the Elite Set), pick up Too Glam (teal from the bottom center) and start packing it on the outer half – this will be over bare lid and over the layer of white base we applied.

Doesn’t Over Heels (the blue!) look amazing in this picture? Seriously. If only it paid off that way

Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Outer Corner Color

Go back to the fluffy brush you used, and blend at the upper-edge of your colored shadows (where they meet your crease) to tidy things up and get rid of any harsh lines you may have wound up with.

Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Outer Corner Work 1

Go back to the brush you used for Shiny Happy and blend where it meets Too Glam on your lid. We want a smooth transition of the gold into the teal.

Try not to overblend – these shadows are almost too cooperative and can lose their brilliance if you overdo it.

Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Blending

If you feel the need to, gentle pat a little more of each color on the far side of respective half to intensify it. I did this with a finger to get the best payoff. Oh, look, I finally noticed the Nyx Milk below my lower lashline.

Laugh at the fact that this, and the two prior photos, look so similar. They’re different I promise.

Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Outer Corner Work 2

Apply your liner of choice and make little (or big!) wings. I used Benefit they’re Real! Push-Up Liner so I could be quick about it (despite my displeasure with the formula, the applicator really is genius). I wasn’t going anywhere.

Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Eyeliner Applied

Decide, “Why stop here? The original look was created at 6:30am in a rush and I have nothing but time. Let’s make it better.”

Using a flat-definer (like bdellium 714) brush, pick up Chocolate Moon and run it along the outer-third of your lower lashline. Then, pick up Too Glam and run it over top of it. Blend out a little with any pencil brush.

Conceal if and where you want to (Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Fair), tidy up your brows (I used Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe – it was quick and dirty), apply mascara (I used L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess, and voila! You’re done.

Everything Nice Palette Tutorial - Too Glam (Teal) Finished Look

I hope you either learned something or at least got some inspiration from this Everything Nice Palette Tutorial – even though Too Faced Everything Nice is sold out on Sephora.com, it may still be available in stores…and if not, I’m sure there are dupes for these shades somewhere. Leave a comment if you’d like me to track some down.