MAC Cosmo Swatches

Keeping it short and sweet, today. Remember that time I bought MAC Cosmo from Glambot only to be disappointed? I finally replaced it with a fresh tube from MAC at Macy’s in my May haul.

MAC Cosmo Amplified LipstickMAC Cosmo Lipstick

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Urban Decay F-Bomb lipstickGood things have to come to an end. But when I picked up Urban Decay F-Bomb a few weeks ago, I got a second tube. Not as a backup – I take twelve years to go to through lipsticks! Seeing this gorgeous color and formula on its way out (even though the Vice formula is supposed to be better) hurt my heart, so I wanted to share the glory.

Urban Decay F-Bomb SwatchesUrban Decay F-Bomb

Even if red is too bold for your tastes for normal wear, it’s a great classic to have in your lipstick wardrobe. I really think Urban Decay did a great job with the Revolution formula, so I hope that the new Vice formula is in fact an improvement.

This is not a drill. This was meant to be posted today, Tuesday, May 31! Enter to win one Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in F-Bomb via the widget below. This giveaway only runs through June 7, 2016 so be sure to get your entries in!

Urban Decay F-Bomb Lipstick Giveaway

A Mole Removed

Remember how it is Melanoma Awareness Month? I had my annual skin check with my dermatologist last week! Fortunately, a good visit, nothing scary was found. My main purpose for visiting, however, was to have a second mole removed; this one for mostly cosmetic (non-cancer!) purposes (like the first). Positioned by my left ear, I frequently graze this one with a hairbrush or comb. For those of you who may not have any moles, sometimes they’re hyper sensitive and something that doesn’t feel like much elsewhere can be quite painful – i.e., comb grazing normal skin vs. a mole.

The procedure, though not terribly pleasant, is not difficult or time consuming. In fact, the receptionist failed to note the reason for my appointment when I booked it, but it wasn’t a problem. Previously, I had one removed in November 2013 via a shave-style excision. I get questions from time-to-time, and I was also surprised by the low number of people talking about these procedures, so I wanted to share my experiences.


This post does not contain pictures, but may be considered graphic due to the description of the procedure. If you are exceptionally squeamish and/or NOT interested in information about these procedures, you may want to skip this one!

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Lipstick Is My Vice

Lipstick Is My ViceUrban Decay Lipstick is my Vice

The title of this post isn’t true. Lipstick isn’t my vice. I enjoy what I enjoy, but I’m definite an eye rather than a lip girl. I didn’t realize it at the time but when I bought F-Bomb for $11, it was because UD is killing the Revolution Lipstick line in favor of their Lipstick Is My Vice / Vice Lipstick line which launches June 5.

It feels, to me, like we lost the Revolution line too soon. After a long time without lipsticks from Urban Decay, many of us rejoiced when the Revolution line came out. They gradually added mattes and sheers to the line to cover a lot of interests when it comes to lipcolor. Well, like so many Game of Thrones characters, their life was cut short.

It isn’t all bad, as I found looking at Temptalia’s swatches. The shades we’ve come to love are staying, with a (supposedly) new and improved formula. There are 100 lipsticks being released, and 74 of them are brand new shades. Furthermore, they will be priced to compete with MAC’s lipsticks – only $17 a tube down from $22 for a Revolution lipstick. Let’s hope a drop in price does not equate to a drop in quality. Additionally, they are revamping many of the lip pencils out there – so if you’re a pencil pusher, that should be good news for you, too.

Get the $11 Revolution Lipsticks while you can from Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s. They are selling out.

May 2016 Throwback Roundup

Definitely missed the boat on April’s throwback posts, but life conspired against me. Get nostalgic with me and check out my May 2016 Throwback Roundup featuring content from the Beauty Skeptic archives for the past few years! Whether you’re a new reader this year or have been on board for a while, here’s a compilation of some throwback posts from the archives. Hopefully you find some helpful info.

How to Dry Makeup Brushes

A tutorial on how to wash and how to dry your makeup brushes without expensive shampoos, tools, or brush-trees.

Ponds Luminous Finish BB+ + Babying Products

I first discovered and professed my love for Ponds Luminous Finish BB+, now sadly discontinued.

As much as I wanted to love ThirstyMud from Glamglow, it just didn’t work out.

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