Invisaign Update: Refinement Round Three

Invisalign Update - More Refinement - Refinement Round Three

In September, I shared that I was ending my first round of refinement of my Invisalign Treatment. When I went back, I was given fourteen more trays to tweak and tune. Halfway through, right around Thanksgiving, I stopped in for a mid-refinement check, some more IPR, and was sent on my way.

Ending Refinement Round Two

Last week, I finished up the fourteenth tray – for a total of 67 trays so far – and returned to the doctor.

I already knew that they were going to rescan me. My maxillary lateral incisors (the teeth between my upper front teeth and canines) could stand to turn just a little bit more.

It is nitpicky, especially coming from my baseline. My smile looks good! But why not get it right since it doesn’t introduce risk or cost me more?


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Invisalign Update: Tray 34/36 & Refinement Trays Soon

Invisalign Update - 34/36 - Refinement Trays

Suddenly, nearly nine months have passed. For about two months, now, my upper teeth have been very nearly straight. Not perfect, but such a night-and-day difference from my starting point that they may as well be. Throughout the process, my confidence in my teeth has grown even though they’re a work in progress. I don’t hide my teeth when I smile now – it’s pretty weird! Good weird. :) After the trays I started earlier this week, I have two more left. On April 3, I return to my orthodontist and will almost certainly be rescanned with the iTero Element to establish a a course of refinement trays. This probably means I’ll be hanging out in my 36th tray for a while!

What are Refinement Trays?

If the initial course of trays didn’t quite get everything where it needs to be further correction is required. Usually, new impressions or a new scan is taken, then new refinement trays are fabricated. The refinement trays are the same type of thing as the original course and may or may not include the same number of attachments or other ‘tools’ to advance the plot of straightening your teeth.

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