Invisalign Update: Third Invisalign Refinement Update

Invisalign Update - More Refinement - Refinement Round Three - Third Invisalign RefinementThird Invisalign Refinement Update

Last week, I had an appointment to pick up the trays for my third Invisalign refinement course. The third course is focused on moving the stubborn incisors I discussed in this post. Since my last update in which I shared that my mamelons had been smoothed a bit, my tongue can still perceive a difference with my upper front teeth, but not the rest. As time has passed, the ‘sharpness’ of the free edge (it was never actually sharp) has worn down a bit, and they’re gradually feeling closer to, “normal.” Nothing uncomfortable – just different.

Attachment Changes

This course required adjustments to my attachments. The pair on the suspect incisors needed to change to make my new trays effective. So, for the first time since they were initially installed, I had attachments removed…

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Invisaign Update: Refinement Round Three

Invisalign Update - More Refinement - Refinement Round Three

In September, I shared that I was ending my first round of refinement of my Invisalign Treatment. When I went back, I was given fourteen more trays to tweak and tune. Halfway through, right around Thanksgiving, I stopped in for a mid-refinement check, some more IPR, and was sent on my way.

Ending Refinement Round Two

Last week, I finished up the fourteenth tray – for a total of 67 trays so far – and returned to the doctor.

I already knew that they were going to rescan me. My maxillary lateral incisors (the teeth between my upper front teeth and canines) could stand to turn just a little bit more.

It is nitpicky, especially coming from my baseline. My smile looks good! But why not get it right since it doesn’t introduce risk or cost me more?


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Invisalign Update: More Refinement

Invisalign Update - More Refinement

I’m a little over thirteen months into my Invisalign treatment. Last week, I wrapped up my seventeenth refinement tray! That’s it, 53 trays and I’m done!

So I thought.

At the conclusion of my round of treatment, I returned to the orthodontist to, I hoped, remove my attachments. When I arrived, my doctor informed me he’d do an exam and re-scan me with the iTero to check my progress. I sure picked a great team – he told me that they’re committed to achieving results we mutually love, so that might mean more further refinement if I’m open to it.

Uh, yeah, I’m open to it.

Granted, in my case it was a flat fee for as much treatment as I need to achieve whatever I want. I highly recommend working with a provider who offers a flat rate structure, particularly if you have a complicated case like mine.

The Exam

We went through my exam, I provided some feedback on a few teeth that I felt could be just a touch better. Then, he noticed a few things that I didn’t. A technician took a new scan and photos (which are hilariously awkward to capture), and we confirmed our observations from the exam.

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