Invisalign Update: Third Invisalign Refinement Update

Invisalign Update - More Refinement - Refinement Round Three - Third Invisalign RefinementThird Invisalign Refinement Update

Last week, I had an appointment to pick up the trays for my third Invisalign refinement course. The third course is focused on moving the stubborn incisors I discussed in this post. Since my last update in which I shared that my mamelons had been smoothed a bit, my tongue can still perceive a difference with my upper front teeth, but not the rest. As time has passed, the ‘sharpness’ of the free edge (it was never actually sharp) has worn down a bit, and they’re gradually feeling closer to, “normal.” Nothing uncomfortable – just different.

Attachment Changes

This course required adjustments to my attachments. The pair on the suspect incisors needed to change to make my new trays effective. So, for the first time since they were initially installed, I had attachments removed…

…and replaced. Dang it!

The good news is that attachment removal is not anywhere near as horrifying as I expected it to be. The orthodontist or an assistant uses an electric file to buff off the cured composite. It was not painful whatsoever; you felt a little vibration from the tool, but it was just odd and not uncomfortable. The assistant checked the surface of my tooth to confirm there was no residual composite left, then had me rinse. I then ran my tongue over the (temporarily) attachment-free teeth and … viola, smooth as butter. Except, you know, hard like healthy tooth enamel. Over eighteen months of gratuitous coffee consumption, the original composite had stained slightly; not enough to look as if it were stained so much as that the teeth in question were. Removal brightened those teeth considerably – which leaves me happily anxious and excited for their permanent removal.

Then they prepped and placed replacement attachments on the same teeth. The new attachments sit a little higher on the teeth and come out at a sharper angle. Since its freshly cured composite, it feels a little rough against the soft tissues in my mouth again – but it will smooth out over time and with food consumption.

More IPR

My doctor did more IPR between my upper four front teeth. More is planned for my next appointment, but that’s more for aesthetics than for movement support. I can feel the differences with my tongue on the lingual side of my teeth, but you cannot see them. In a week or two, I expect I will not feel them either.


My third Invisalign refinement course consists of eighteen new aligner trays – which takes my total to 85 trays so far. WOW.

At the conclusion of my ninth tray in this course, in early April, I return for a mid-course check and additional IPR. I’ve peeked up through the last tray that I currently have on hand; it is so exciting to see that it can get better still. Coming from my baseline, frankly, it is surreal.